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How much to build


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If I'm correct, Remington now builds their AR's with JP Rifles. JP's are known for being one of the hottest off the shelf rifles. My only gripe is, at $3k you better like everything about the weapon when you buy it. Hard to replace parts after you already spent so much.

You can build your own rifle cheaper... But $1400 won't put you in the same level as a R25.

$600 for a receiver set

$300 for a BCG

$350 for a barrel

$200 for a trigger

$300 for the stock/buffer assembly

$150 for misc lower/upper parts

$250 for a free float hand guard

$150 for a comp/break/flash hider

That's $2300 there and some of those prices were conservative. That price doesn't include mags, sights, or optics. Sure you could make it cheaper, but you wouldn't be on par with an off the shelf R25. I played with an R25 and I was pleasantly surprised with how lightweight they are. The light contour of the barrel cuts weight, but doesn't help with killing paper all day. R25's are designed for the hunters in our group.

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Ooooh, I got my signals all mixed up.

@98Z5V: that's the rifle I was talking about! I think that rifle is sexier than sin.

I always liked JP's, but the heavy barrel turned me off. When I saw the RSASS I thought that was going to be a standard for Remington. Didn't realize they were keeping the dpms version.

The RSASS looks like a perfect hybrid between the Remington and JP rifles.

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