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Help !!

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Okay, I have a PWS MK216 MOD-1 and took it out for its first shooting and then.........My friend decided to put a laser bullet in it so he pulled the charging handle back and placed the laser into the chamber it decided it wanted to stay. The charging handle will not pull back at all. I cant even separate the upper from the lower!!! Needles to say I am very upset but he learned a lesson and I'm not gonna hold a grudge. Can anyone PLEASE try to help me remedy this? Any input will be greatly appreciated. God Bless.

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8 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Mortar it.  If it has a collapsible stock, collapse it all the way first, fully closed.  Then, mortar it. 

Exactly this....

In case your not sure what this is or how to do it...

  1. ensure that your buttstock is in the collapsed position  
  2. put one hand on the foregrip
  3. put one hand on the charging handle. (doing this you will accomplish two things)
    1. putting pressure on the charging handle release latch
    2. putting downward pressure on the charging handle itself
  4. strike buttstock on the floor, ground, or what ever you tend to be standing on at the time

When hitting your buttstock on the floor try to make sure to hit it square on and not at an angle and break your buttstock.


Then verify what your chamber is cut for and what your "laser" is molded for.  

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