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Time to invest time in .300 Win Mag


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Time for me to invest more time in the .300 Win Mag.  I looked up the best projectile I cound find for it, per the load manual, and it's the Hornady 225gr ELD-M. It's impressive, with a G1 BC of .777 and a G7 BC of .391.  Sectional Density is .339 on that slick pig.  With my preferred powder of RL-22, I can get that thing going at 2800fps.  Here's what it would look like, doped out - I'm supersonic at 1700 yards:


I need to put time into this one, and really develop the load for it.  If I can get it to 2800 fps (max charge in the Hornady 10 manual, with RL-22), I'm 60 yards away from a mile, supersonic.  Time to find the projos - I have the powder, brass out-the-ass for it, and the CCI primers.  I've been wasting my time working up my 195gr loads...  No more of that.

The H-10 manual specifically states that you need to max-charge RL-22 to see the benefits of it.  I'm down with that.  I'll start a grain lower, in 0.3gr increments, find some sweet spots, then 0.1gr the next batch to find the winner.  This fucker is going a mile.  Hell or High Water. 


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You should see the new Hornady A Tip bullet that was just released. 230g 30 cal with BC of .823


Bullets are packed as they are made off the machine. Bullet number two is placed in the container right next to #1 and so after. Everything is done to make them as close to perfection to the previously made bullet per their video.

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I wish you hadn't said that, HotRod...   Now I need to find those things...   :thumbup:

That's the exact same technology that they use to make the .50 BMG 750gr projectiles.  I've been wondering if that tech was gonna "trickle down" to other calibers - and it now has!   :banana:

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4 hours ago, Belt Fed said:

Nice, that bolt would probably be more accurate and longer range anyway.

It's been doing very well with the initial 195gr HPBT loads that I made up for it.  It's probably got 500 rounds through it so far, and I only know that based on having about half a box of 195s left, out of the initial 6 boxes I got for it.  About 40 of those projos went into .308 Win load testing.

It's far from looking like that pic above, that was just a quick pic I could find from Remington.  Here's what it looks like right now, weird angles and all...



It's about 2 weeks away from getting some serious paint on it.  :thumbup:

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Completely changed the operational characteristics of this rifle, thanks to Primary Arms and a $56 sale on the MagPul detachable mag system for Rem 700 Long Action Magnums.  It still needs the EGW 30 MOA rail on it, but that will happen with time.  For now, it's in a very good position to explore the Hornady 225gr ELD-M loads, and finalize that load.  Just in time for summer in the desert.  Not looking forward to that...  


Every bolt gun should be mag-fed.  JMHO...   :thumbup:

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