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Using Quicken for Trusts


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Yup.  Don't try to do it yourself, don't have your firearms dealer do it (they're not a lawyer, and are not authorized to prepare legal documents or wills) - just spend the money on a lawyer that is familiar with NFA Trusts. 

I'm just sayin'... 

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Imagine that, a website dedicated to gun trust lawyers is claiming that Quicken trusts will get your paperwork rejected or better yet, land you in the klink. The only websites that use these scaremonger tactics are run by lawyers to get people to pay hundreds of dollars so the lawyers put the clients name in an already prepared trust.

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you need to be very careful with class 3 items and with my fiance (she's an attorney) agreeing there may be oversights in that software because of it being generalized. not everything is a tactic to get you to spend more money and if you have already committed yourself to getting class 3 firearms and the like, and already deciding to do a trust, why skimp out on it now?

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I had an attorney "draft" my trust and compaired it to the Quiken trust I did myself. The main difference was the $450 letterhead. It wasn't written up speifically for me, it is a form document that had mine and the other trustees names filled into the blanks. I am not advising anyone to do it themselves, just making a comment. And the blog entry from NFA lawyers et al is scare mongering plain and simple.

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For me visiting the attorney was an eye opener. We got quite creative with the trust, well beyond my original intentions. It really became about paths for any forseable trouble and well beyond my death.

I read on another site that one of the reasons the BATFE has now made it so inspectors have territories is to be better familiar with local laws and get a better handle on boiler plate trusts.

Local gunshop here had a trust made by the same attorney I use. The shop made that into a template. The attorney is not amused.

One of the silencer forums had a few folks reporting issues with quicken and similar trusts after the form 4's were approved. No way to verify the truth of it though.

Based on my own recent experience they are looking for ANY reason to halt the process.

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So then brother Drew to get the ball rolling I should contact a lawyer that specializes in gun trusts? Do you pay a tax on each suppressor right? How about a select fire rifle,is it additional tax on each rifle?I like that REAPER in select fire on vidieo.And by select fire I mean semi and auto.

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