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My 6.5CR build problem... need help


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I have built a DPMS patern side charging AR-10 in 6.5 creedmoor with top quality parts and cannot get it to function correctly.... reaching out to the forum for advice.  The build is on a matched Gibbz G10 side charging upper/lower receiver.  Operating system and barrel are all JP Enterprises.  Trigger is Geissle SD-E 2 stage trigger. DiamondHead Handguard.  Luth-Ar stock. Kryptek Camo paint job.  I have tried Magpul and Lancer magazines.  

I have worked through all of the function issues... gas system, bolt hold back, barrel contact with handguard issues etc.

I continue to have a problem whereby rounds will not feed smoothly onto the feed ramps of the JP barrel extension.  A few rounds will feed and then either one from the left or one from the right side will nose dive directly into the flat spot that is between the top of the magazine and the bottom edge of the feed ramps.  Essentially the cartridge gets wedged between the bold face and the barrel extension. Like any AR platform the magazines wiggle a bit and move up a and down slightly..... this is just enough to cause the feeding issues.  

I am not sure if the feed ramps milled into the barrel extension are machined incorrectly, or is the lower receiver out of spec and causing the magazines to sit too low, or is the upper receiver milled a bit off and not seating the barrel in the right location to allow the feed ramps to meet up with the magazine at the right height.  

Check out the attached photos and let me know your thoughts on how to fix this issue.  I have a couple of thousand $$ into this rifle and its driving me crazy getting it to function.



Link to Misfeed photos





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57 minutes ago, jeff361 said:

Gibbz G10 side charging upper/lower receiver.

Second time I've seen this upper and lower used here - see if you can search on that, and you'll turn up the other thread on it.

Do your feedramps/barrel extension, where it mates to the upper - look like one of these pics below?  If so, state which one.


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Thanks for the replies.... the recoil system that I am using is the JP Silent captured buffer system with the JP lightweight BCG.  

Guys.... I am trying to upload a few more photos of my feedramps.... and the paper clip icon to attach images is not working.... what am I doing wrong?




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On 8/18/2019 at 1:18 PM, jeff361 said:

 A few rounds will feed and then either one from the left or one from the right side will nose dive directly into the flat spot that is between the top of the magazine and the bottom edge of the feed ramps.


Might seem like you're being water-boarded here, but you need to understand that the amount of info that you've provided, versus the amount if info that's required to do an "internet diagnosis" is quite a severe difference  - garbage in, garbage out.  Don't take that severity-on-info-requirements as an attack on yourself.

Your gas system looks good (no gas port diameter info), recoil system, including BCG - who knows - it's all JP lightweight parts, so it's gonna work or not - and if it doesn't, then that's who you make your complaint to. 

Post a pic of the face of your ejector.  Flat, squared off ejectors have issues feeding rounds from the right side of the magazine. Radiused, or rounded ejectors, don't have that problem.  This might be the issue.  You have to understand something here - you thought you provided alot of information, but that was not the case, here.  You might feel like "we're pretty demanding" with the information that's been asked of you - but in order to find out what's going on with your "complicated gun," we need to ask some complicated questions.

Rule #1 in building a Larger Frame AR.  Don't complicate shiit with complicated shiit.  You built your gun on the most complicated shiit that's available.  It's gonna take time to find out what's going on  - or, you need to just send this thing to JP RIfles, and have them figure it out.

I hope you understand that.

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10 hours ago, jeff361 said:

here is the link to see detailed photos of the barrel extension and feedramps .


Every single one of those pics is a right-side feeding problem.  Every one.  Those feed ramps need to be a little deeper, and extend into the upper receiver material a little, but that's not major.  I need that ejector pic, man. 

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98Z5V.... no worries about the level of detail needed or the questions...it's all good..... I am always open to learning from people who  have more experience and knowledge than myself... that's why I consulted this forum and I really appreciate the response and help so far.  I am going to clean up my rifle tonight and then post some pictures of the bolt face, extractor and ejector and see what you guys think.  

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