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Ok, I give, I need one...

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Brownells only sells the selector in the 2 lever kit (standard and short lever), this is the most popular configuration, as the standard lever is great for the thumb side, and the short lever is the best trigger finger side lever :)

Please email me if you'd like to try other levers, this is covered under the free lever exchange program  ;)

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The fully modular aspect of the selector benefits from continued development of levers and new centers.  The current 45 and 90 levers are interchangeable, the CASS-3P, M16 and the upcoming CASS-3P, SA (semi auto) levers are interchangeable.  When we have new levers, users can swap out either side without buying a new selector kit  :)

Under the lever exchange program, this is done for free. regardless how long you've had your existing levers.  There is no artificial time frame in which the levers can be exchanged, I do believe this is a first, I can't think of a product or company with such a liberal policy on exchanging used part for new, without expiration date or cost  :D

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Ok, now I get it.  I actually like the difference.  I mounted the thick on the thumb side (left) and thin on the finger (right) side.  There is minimal disturbance to the shooting finger when the thin lever passes into fire mode.  The right-side lever makes it much easier to bring the rifle safe, for me anyway.

I'm very happy with this setup.  Hopefully I will range test it soon, but I walked around the house an went back and forth between safe and fire many times.  Very cool!

<thumbsup> <thumbsup>



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You can flip trigger finger side so the lever points the opposite direction. This points the two levers in opposite directions, and keeps the trigger side from getting in the way.

When I get home tonight I'll take a picture of mine. It's a nifty, different, way of doing things. I'm not 100% sold on whether it is better or worse, but it is definitely "different".

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