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Would you do any load development in winter in northern WI ?


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Obviously this doesn't literally apply to Tom as his answer would be NO.  Why would he develop loads in northern WI when he lives in AZ?    :hornet:

I am in the middle of a huge brass prep binge and I keep wondering if its worth it to attempt load development while we are in the grip of winter weather. I'm not totally nuts to attempt anything in super cold, but I'm wondering about 20-30+ degrees. For the Grendel I'll be using 8208 XBR but how temp insensitive is it going to be when shooting targets in summer at 70-90* ?

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It'll be fine, brother - it does make a difference, though, in the long run...  You'll see those rounds behaving differently when it's hotter, in the summer. They'll be faster in the summer, that's for damn sure, and be up just a wee bit on pressure.  I do most of my handloading in the winter months - because it's not 115 degrees out...  I just worked up two loads last weekend, and it was 40 degrees at night when I was loading them, and 50 degrees the next morning, but the time I was shooting them.  They'll behave differently in the summer, and I'll watch them, too.  I load 0.2 grains apart for my loads, 5 under max listed, max, and 4 over max listed - and test them out for group size.  I always go with the best group, under pressure signs.  When I start to see the pressure signs, I stop, and pull the rest at home. Found the load...   If I have a chrono out there, I'll use it, just to see what they are.  I do target a speed range for what I want, but I don't make speed my only objective.  I do get the chance in the summer, to chrono existing loads, then go back and look at the loads that I did chrono in winter - it's different.  That data just give me the information I need to update dope charts - winter chart and summer chart.   I only had one load so far that was too hot to shoot through a gas gun in the summer - .308 Win load - so I just bagged and marked that one as "BOLT GUN ONLY!!!"...   :thumbup::laffs:

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12 hours ago, willbird said:

I far prefer Hodgdon Extreme powders. Far less velocity/pressure change with them. I think I saw some other powder mfg are heading that direction too.

I use them also. am trying a new Winchester ball powder that is extreme, called 6.5 Sta Ball. first extreme ball powder. I have my ladder loads ready to check in the 260 rem. next chance I get. its made in florida

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