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Everything posted by sagebrush

  1. read the article, was interesting. the military went with 6.8, does that mean the 6arc will not be used?
  2. i would suggest a case gage for whatever cartridge you're reloading. you can check brass case length, set your sizing die, check the finished cartridge when done. very useful tool
  3. gonna be a good one
  4. sounds like an interesting project. should work, i've seen .308 conversions (from 30-06) of the m1, so a person should be able to regulate gas
  5. @unforgivenafter reading that you knew where and when your bayonet was made, it made me curious about mine. i looked it up and mine is not dated but utica cutlery made their run from 42-45 and a late run in 53. my m1's are both springfields.
  6. welcome from oregon
  7. very nice rifle and bayonet!
  8. good shooting and good looking rig too! nice
  9. blade looks stout, with the midrib. like the looks
  10. welcome from oregon
  11. welcome from oregon
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