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Everything posted by sagebrush

  1. i use them on all calibers i reload. they show case length min/max. they will show shoulder problems. after running case through resizer you can check it with case guage to make sure it will chamber. after cartridge is reloaded you can check if it will chamber. a case guage is a very useful tool
  2. those extra parts may turn into more ar's. welcome from oregon
  3. that's a years worth of rain in this country
  4. sagebrush

    New to AR

    welcome from oregon
  5. doesn't look good! can't call schwabb?
  6. vltor a5 tube kit..h3buffer...wolf recoil spring..........wilson 6mmarc case gauge.........6mmarc magazines 17 and 10 rounds.....wilson 6.5 grendel fired case holder (hope it works, don't list 6mmarc.......750 lp gas block, and rifle length gt........4 kci 33 rd glock magazines(thought i would try them). called d-tech on 6mm arc barrel, said they were waiting on a finish chamber reamer
  7. more good reading, thanks for posting
  8. you're correct, i meant they didn't match
  9. my 6mmarc brass was shipped from mid south friday
  10. sagebrush

    Baby Glocks

    i wasn't having to much trouble finding ar308 parts, ar15 parts are almost impossible to find, also
  11. thank you for serving. nice looking rifle, welcome from oregon
  12. i live west of there, over the mountain about 100 miles. city fathers made big deal of changing name. didn't know they had air force base. i shoot trap (turkey shoot) every winter at baker trap club. they have an exellent interpretive center on oregon trail. lots of sage rats in that area in the spring if you know anyone still. welcome again!
  13. welcome to the forum, welcome from oregon
  14. please go back to introductions and start new topic, tell us about yourself. we look forward to your questions! @earthquake
  15. was notified from mid south that my order of 6mm arc brass has been shipped!
  16. both amazing shows. was amazed the engine would run with that much liquid in cylinder. bet it was knocking to beat hell
  17. @Beargranite ridge outfitters have 12" mloc in stock in black or fde
  18. sagebrush

    My first!

    good when things work out
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