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2 Feb, Superbowl Sunday Shoot


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Who's in?  We're shooting on Superbowl Sunday, 2 Feb 2020.

@JBMatt and Tommy are in, I'll wrangle Gun Pusher John into it, with some other locals.  @MikedaddyH has has this one on his calendar for awhile now.

JBMatt, Tommy and I are heading out there sometime Saturday afternoon, and camping overnight. 

Come one, come all - it's wide open if you wanna attend - and can get here.  :thumbup:

@Merle, you in, brother?

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8 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

It looks like y'all will have great weather for the shoot tomorrow.  Are we going to get pictures of the shoot?  It would be nice to go to one of these at the last minute.  Damn responsibilities! :embarrassed:

Plenty of pics, brother.    :thumbup:

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Damn great day today!   I didn't think @MikedaddyH was gonna make it out, but he did!   Hell Yeah!

Today was a gathering of hunting buddies of @JBMatt - goal: make sure these guys can hit at 12" plate out to 300 yards - that's what they're gonna need to do for elk hunts here.  There were some bruiser guns, too = .300 Win Mags, 7mm Mag, etc.  They were all doing it at the end of the day, and better understood their scopes, wind reading, wind holds, etc. 

We put out double sets of steel at 100, 200 and 300 - one IPSC plate per range, and one smaller gong per range.  Get comfy smacking the IPSC plate, then get comfy making sure you hit it where you want/intend to - then move the smaller gong, per range. 

I threw an IPSC plate out there at 500 yards, too.  That turned fun, for hunters.  There's gonna be a few guys getting on Witt Machine's website and getting some brakes made for their guns, tell you that much...  :laffs:  We ended up going through the Range Estimation and Wind Reading class, ran Mils (meals) and MOA calculations - helpful for these guys to understand what they need the scope to do, what their scope can tell them, and why.  Great, great day.

First thing we did was get out there and get the 100s, 200s and 300s in place - then I started cooking breakfast.   Onions and peppers on the griddle, chorizo going in the skillet. Chorizo and egg burritos, add the onions and peppers if you want, diced steak to add...   Mmmmmm....


I cooked while Matt got these guys warmed up on the 100, 200,300.  When they stopped to eat, I dropped that 500 out there.

Here's what the 100~300 looked like:


Close up of them:


Food setup:


Firing line pics:




Smackin' the 500, the firing line:


Before you knew it, it was time for more food - Applewood smoked bacon and cheddar burgers...


Matt's Suburban-n-Trailer setup is just Badass.   :hail:  Check close, and look at that license plate...   :thumbup::laffs:



Damn fine day, men - spent with great people.  :thumbup:



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Oh, that M16A4 DELIVERS!   Damn does that gun shoot!  Zero'd the irons on a mlitary 25-meter/300 meter zero target, and that MaTech rear sight is on for elevation dialing, irons only.  Right on the money at 200, 300, and 500 settings.  Zero'd the 5x fixed PA optic on it after that, and that BDC is on, when zero'd 0.5" high at 100 yards.  That gun just WORKS.   :thumbup:

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