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JP Silent Capture Springs


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What SCS’s are y’all running in your AR10? There’s the regular and the H2 buffer and instead of buying parts to perfect it I was hoping to get it right the first time. I have the carbine buffer tube and it’ll more than likely be a mid length gas system that I’ll never run suppressed (so no adjustable gas block unless I’m talked into it). So what are y’all running that’s been very reliable?

**first post so sorry if I messed something up, I’ve never really been into forums. I also used the search function but didn’t see a specific question like this. 



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6 hours ago, MiddleLuke said:

 So what are y’all running that’s been very reliable?

Armalite EA1095 spring, in an appropriate recoil system.

"Silent Captured" anything is hype. If you have any time on ARs, and you hear that "SPROING!" that upsets so many gamer-gunners when they shoot their gamer-guns in competitions...  If they were smart, they'd hear that "annoying" SPROING everytime they fire...

...but they wouldn't hear it on the last round, when the BCG locks back on an empty magazine.  They'd know right then, that they were out - and it's time for a mag change.  Know that without even looking at the dry chamber.

Don't complicate shiit with complicated shiit.


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By the looks of it that is an Aero receiver set.  Nothing about it is AR10.

We tend to get very specific with nomenclature around here.  An AR10 is made by Armalite and NO ONE else.  Anything else is a 308 AR or LR-308 or whatever the manufacturer calls it.  Being that specific prevents confusion over what parts fit with what parts.  There is no MilSpec in 308 ARs like in AR 15s and every manufacturer can go their own way in making parts. 

Be very specific in telling us what you have and we'll get you sorted out.  Or more specifically 98Z5V will get you sorted out.  Listen to what he tells you.

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Thanks for the response. I understand it’s not a TRUE AR10 I was just being lax with my wording. I also get using correct wording to get the best help so I’ll try to a better job of that. 

I’m a firm believer in the Silent Capture spring. I’ve built a couple ARs and used it in those and I have a Colt AR and a work M4 that don’t have them and even my wife can tell the difference. I’m not a gamer gunner or whatever, just a dude that likes to go out shooting with family and if my wife (who knows nothing about guns) and father can feel a difference then there’s gotta be something to it. I’m not a snob about it and don’t mind shooting with regular springs but if I had the choice I’d prefer the JP.  

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I run Armaspec in both my 308AR and 358 Yeti AR. It sounds stupid, but I went with the "SCS" concept to avoid the noise of the buffer weights when picking the rifle up. They both shoot very well. I had to add a washer on my 308 to get the correct extension depth.

We hunt very educated and spooky deer in La. Any noise the they're gone. I hunt the thick stuff and they get pretty close. 

Check out Armaspec. They are half the price of Jp and accomplish the same result. I had a Jp in my R-25.

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