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1911 Frame and slide.


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I bought those leftover 1911 parts from Cliff R a few months back and forgot about them.  Here's the story.  I visited my LGS to buy or at the very least handle a Glock 34.  Not to be had then or now.  Could've gotten several the day before,  and then the bum's rush on any and all multiple shot plastic fantastics.  I had a few dollars coming to me from a recent sale and there's nothing like the feeling of plausible deniability and no paper trail to be discovered by the Mrs.  Sooo,  " Hey you got any Rock River Armory 1911's ? "  Yep,  there's this one,  but I have one that is less expensive and IMO better.  

He hands me a Taylor Co. Inc. WWI style 1911.5777A55E-5BB2-473B-8B94-E8B0D32A8BAF_4_5005_c.thumb.jpeg.e2cdf69120beb2cef75e8571c46f0bc7.jpeg


Pretty decent hand gun,  not as much rattle as I expected but it did have 8 years worth of dust and gunk accumulated from sitting on his shelf.  Went for a G34 and walk out with a 1911.    So I get it home and take it apart,  filthy filthy filthy.  The slide is moving in slow motion,  the ramp looks parkerized,  and the hood is gummed up.  First thing I notice,  let me back step for a moment.  I have and had some high end 45s.  I get this one apart and immediately notice how light weight the barrel is.  Whaaa?  That's the thing that makes me truly begin to appreciate what goes into a better made 1911.  I start digging around and find the box with Cliff R's sale to me.  I know I'll switch barrels and get a blank with a blank and finesse this thing.  Hold on I says this is a piece of work for what it is already,  no sense changing a perfectly good WWI parkerized model into something it isn't.  Tempting to do,  but totally unnecessary.  I haven't fired it yet but will soon.  After the initial cleanup the slide glides and the hammer knocks.  Good enough,  if it goes bang and I expect it will,  good deal.  All in all $400.


Back to the reason for this post,  other than just Bs'ing for a bit.  I still have all those extra parts.  Where would you suggest I get a frame and slide for a 1911?  I need a pin and spring set as well.  Thanks in advance.

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