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Happy Mother's Day !

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Wishing all of you a Happy Mother's Day,  to those especially important people who deserve our best efforts.  It's going to rain heavily in my area so we'll send my brother in law out to cook and we'll sit in the garage.  Hee Hee.   I'm only kidding,  we'll be sitting indoors in the AC while he gets soaked from rain and sweat.  

If I could do it over again I'd have cared more for Mom and all she had to put up with.  I was a handful all by my lonesome,  add my sister to the mix and we invented all sorts of ways to get in trouble.  

The best thoughts sent out to all the Moms that made us able to share this site.

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6 hour ribs, hmmm yummy.  

We did get together today after all the talk of downpours.  The rain was a gentle touch to a fine afternoon with family.  We had four generations of folks together.  The main Mom was there and I enjoyed being with her today,  especially as she is generally a less than agreeable person.  She is the matriarch and gets her proper respect from me,  on this day for sure.  

How did that meal work out @Magwa ?  You had me thinking about those ribs today,  as well as remembering some terrific 12 Texas Brisket.  We had tuna and egg salad sandwiches,  yuck !!!   

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Glad to hear it,  ^^^.  I wish my tuna had fallen off the bread and rolled away somewhere.  I don't know how they can mess up tuna ?  Tuna,  mayo,  perhaps some diced celery or onion.  No,  they got to get fancy and add all sorts of stuff so I had to guess what the heck it was.  Same same with the egg salad.  Too many fixins and not enough protein.  I applaud the prep involved,  but not worth the trouble.

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6 hours ago, 392heminut said:

Took my wife over to Tucson to be with our 3 grandsons and our son and daughter-in-law for the weekend. She hasdn't seen the little ones (other than facetime) in 3 months because of Covid. She loved it, best Mother's Day she could have had.

That's awesome, brother!  I cooked for my Mom last Sunday - then took her to the airport Wednesday.  Snowbirds, so headed back to Ohio for the summer.  Just when things are looking up in AZ, they had to head back.  They'll be back this November. 

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