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Custom gas block anyone?


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Does anyone know of a member or company on here that will machine a custom gas block for me?  I need two.  Both are to correct for the bore height difference in Armalite rifles so that sights will be same plane between receiver and gas block.  I have the height differences, and would be willing to provide an Armalite gas block if needed.

I've looked around, and can not find risers that will accommodate the difference.  I believe if someone was to make an AR10 gas block to correct for the height difference, they'd sell. But am willing to pay for just one.  The bore height difference is 0.398 for the AR10A4C.

I am aware of the sights made to compensate.  But if you want to use Deuck Defense RTS, you need a riser or a gas block that will put them in the same plane.  Otherwise, you're stuck using an extended rail, which might as well be pistol length site radius.  Also, I'm not willing to go to a floating hand guard to gain the same plane, but rifle length, sight alignment.

I've emailed Deuck about manufacturing a raised version of their front sight.  Barry replied right away that they would love to, but are buried in orders and at capacity for making them.  So a new version is out for now.  A new gas block would solve everything, and be universal for all AR10 owners.


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The risers I have seen(for front gas blocks) would put any std. buis in the same sight plane as the rear.

I may be missing some thing here .I had to look up those sights , side or 45 deg. angle sights .

Have you tried the YHM riser? It will put the gas block rail height the same as the receiver rail & if that doesn't put the two sights on the same plane , some thing else is wrong .

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Or this, from JD Machine Tech:



Railed Gas Block

Price: $59-$69

◦Made from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum

◦Precision machined to mil spec standards

◦Type III Hard Anodize finish for durability

◦Innovative surface prep of each part to ensure quality and consistent finish

◦Available in .750, .875 and .937 diameter

◦Taller version to fit .308 platform also available in all three diameters

◦Includes set screws and gas tube pin

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