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DPMS Receiver Heights

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I recall a DPMS employee on another forum stating that DPMS has changed the height of the picatinny on the LR-308's. I believe this is the 3rd or 4th time this has happened.

Does anyone have specifics? The difference is measured in the area of the receiver over the charging handle.

There are implications to this height change.

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There was a thread on ARFCOM about this that I ended up in.  It kinda turned into a pissing match of sorts.  I'll dig up the details of the receiver heights from that and post them up - one dude on there literally knew everthing about it, much to his credit.  Numbers, heights, everything.  I'll grab the details.

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Info straight from DPMS:

Our AR15 receivers are all the same height except the High Rider and Tri-Mount.

The LR308 Platform has two heights, the A3 and Lo-Pro Raised Rail. The A3 was changed recently to better accommodate our other components. I guess in reality, with the number sold before the change, there are now 3 heights.

To find out if you have a newer model or older run, the easiest way to measure is with a caliper from the bottom surface that mates to the lower to the top of the rail. The new versions measure 2.003 and the old versions are 2.063.

Any larger receiver rail to handguard rail height difference would be due to the lack of an industry standard in the large frame AR style rifles. Everybody is still pretty much making their own thing and some measurements just don't line up between manufacturers.

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  • 9 months later...

Does anyone know of any company that makes rails for the new A3 height receiver?  Will the companies ( Troy, Daniel Defense, etc.) make new rails to fit this new height?  Why would DPMS do this?  It doesn't make any sense unless they only want you to buy their rails. >:(

I would be surprised if guys retooled just to accommodate  DPMS. Too many other guys making uppers now.

Of course a clever manufacturer could make a quad rail with two different heights and please everyone. I also suppose  FFHG like a VTAC could have two accessory rail heights

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Just a heads up,  I just got off the Troy Industries website and it looks like theynow  have the 13.8 battle rail avaialbe for both DPMS receiver heights <thumbsup>.  Pretty excited over this.  they must have just made it available because I was just in their website 2 days ago and it wasn't available then.  Well this is just another option for those of us that have the newer A3 receiver. 

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this has me confused (easily done)  if I check measurement as posted here I have old style receiver  if I check method posted on another site " measure tab above the charging handle " then I have new ..  will either one make this weapon shoot worse or better?

The info I posted (3rd post in this thread) came directly from a DPMS employee.  Everything in italics is a direct quote from them.  The numbers given and the way to measure is how they say to do it - but I would like to read the other way you've mentioned.  The plot thickens...  <laughs>

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Cripes....something else to struggle with.

I bought my DPMS 7.62 ap4 a couple years ago off Gunbroker.  Recently, I have been looking at the hand guards and sights from Sampson Mfg., but unfortunately, they say that on my model, it won't match up.  So then, I read this on Sniper's Hide:

"Samson Mfg has a new freefloat handguard out called the Evolution. Samson is making a version specific to the new DPMS .308 flattop upper rail height, and should have these ready to ship by SHOT 2011. They are also making a version for the AR10-height uppers like the older DPMS flattops, the AR10 flattops, the Mega MA-TEN, etc. So, Samson will be making the Evolution in three different versions: AR15, DPMS .308 low, and AR10."

My freakin' head is beginning to hurt.  I really am not sure what height my Picatinny rail is and the description of how to measure it to find out is confusing to me.....I thought I'd be a big boy and admit that.

So, before my pisstivity level rises anymore, could someone to a photo series on the appropriate method of measuring?....or is it possible even to know what height I've got based on the serial number of my rifle?

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