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buying first ar10

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Greetings all,

Buying first ar10 and looking for input.  I have many other rifles, shotguns and pistols but this will be my first ar10 and would appreciate some input.

1) I think I want the ar10 chambered in 308.  the ammo is plentiful and the 308 seems to be the pseudo standard for an ar10. as it is i already have to stock over 10 different calibers so the thought crossed my mind to use 7.62 X 39.  i have a few ak's and that would reduce the number of calibers to stock.  all the 7.62x39 is metal because the ak's eat anything.  seems 308 would still be the correct caliber though.

2) i dont build guns yet i buy them.  i don't hunt.  this rifle is for target practice  and self defense beyond the reasonable range of the ar and ak. i was going to get one of the base model from PSA.  it seems i can get an entry level rifle for under $1,000.  

3) i need simple, inexpensive optics.  realistically for target practice 100 - 400 yards, just something that brings the target closer and holds a zero.  i have a red dot and a 3x magnifier on the ar and was looking for something more powerful than that.  i was looking at Sig Sauer Tango-MSR 1-6x24mm.  i was thinking i could get entry level optics for about $500.

all thoughts welcome,



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3 hours ago, Steve Lomicka said:

i was going to get one of the base model from PSA.  it seems i can get an entry level rifle for under $1,000.  

Don't do that.  You buy that gun from them, and you'll be back here asking questions on why it doesn't work - it'll force you to become your own Armorer, and fix it yourself.

Just buy an Armalite DEF-10.  It'll work, right out of the box, won't fail, and won't leave you frustrated your first time out to the range. 

After that, you can start tinkering with it, and change anything you want.

Look towards Primary Arms for optics that will work very well for what you want to the rifle to do for you. 

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Bud's Gun Shop currently has the Def-10 in stock for $1080, w/ free shipping. You'd be hard pressed to find a better AR10 in that price range today.  Another well made reportedly reliable AR10 in the $1250 price range is the Springfield Saint Victor if you want a metal MLOK handgrip and a slightly better trigger out of the box. Those would be my two recommendations for out of the box solid guns under $1300. As a resident of the Carolinas, I wish I could recommend PSA - But, I cannot. Very hit or miss.  Not what I want in a rifle.  Not what I'd recommend.  I'm a Leupold fanboy when it comes to scopes, but they are not cheap. PA and Vortex both make good medium distance scopes in the $500 range.

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7.62x39 is based on an AR-15 format, not the large frame AR like 308 or 6.5CR.   It also has no more effective range in an AR than it does in an AK. 

There are 5 or 6 calibers that are generally available for the LFAR...308, 6.5Cr, 243 Win, 7mm-08 and 224 Valkyrie is what I can remember off the top of my head.  308 is by far the most commonly available and usually the least expensive.  There are others that have better ballistics.

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Some good wisdom in the replies. I am more of a shooter than a builder and have two Armalite AR10’s. Both are MOA accurate. Both have cycled thousands of rounds of everything without hiccups. I would shy away from a used “B” model because of magazine limitations, but they are getting harder and harder to find anyway. Stick with the “A” model that doesn’t need proprietary Armalite magazines.

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.308 is well good for what you want the gun to do, don't hesitate on that part, or caliber.  Very popular round, found just about anywhere, lot's of factory loadings for precision ammo when that time comes.  Don't hesitate on that caliber, or worry about selecting that as your caliber. 

Our Dear Friend @Magwa has taken many elk with a simple .308 Win 16" barreled AR. It just works.  It'll work way longer than 400 yards, too.  :thumbup:

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That Aurora=reticle scope above is in meters - I wouldn't do that one, out here in the .civ world.  If running a BDC scope (and I have a pile of the PA BDC scopes), I'd grab one with the reticle in yards.  It makes a difference, when shooting with other people, communicating with your spotter, etc. 

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@98Z5VThat's a good point.  I like meters.  Easier math for my neanderthal brain. And, I'm usually shooting alone. Just saw that it was a 4th Gen.  And that there was a free hat. I love free hats!  They do have the same scope in yards - metric version actually is sold out now.  Same scope in yards  https://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-slx-1-6x24mm-sfp-rifle-scope-gen-4-illuminated-acss-aurora-556-yard-reticle

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