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OK fellas, I got the barrel in today and looks real nice, basicly new. Now it looked short, so I pulled my tape measure out and from the tip to the top of the extention it is 14 inches and from the tip to the bottom of the extention it is 16 ( ruffly). Now you guys tell me what it is or how to measure a barrel. If I have to get a tax stamp for it I may just sell it. I just dont know if I want a 14 inch 308.

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Don't know if this is of any help to you, but I've got a Noveske 7.62 Afghan barrel that they list as being 14.5" long. With my gun assembled the Barrel measures 14.5" from the front surface of the upper receiver(the point where the top rail ends, not to the front of the threaded dia where the barrel nut threads on) to the front end of the barrel(threaded for muzzle device). I'm thinking that if you have your upper, measure the distance from the front of the barrel to the ring that locates the barrel on the upper, add the distance from the front surface of the upper to the front of the threaded section and add them together. If they equal 14.5" it's a 14.5" barrel. You realize of course that BATF doesn't care how you get your barrel length to 16", so if the barrel your looking at is only 14", your still OK as long as you get a 1/2" longer muzzle device to bring the finished length to at least 16".

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Does the muzzle device have to be perminatly attached?

Measure like stated above - wooden dowel inserted into barrel, on a closed bolt.  Tick mark at the very end of the barrel.  That's the ATF way. 

If the barrel is less than 16", the only way the length of the muzzle device will count towards the total barrel length, is if it's permanently attached (blind pin and weld, silver solder).

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Talked to the smith in town about 14.7 PSA upper and battle comp he mentioned blind pin only.This is Indiana. <dontknow>

1100-degree silver solder is still acceptable to the ATF - shouldn't have a problem with it there, unless there's some stupid state law that says it's an unacceptable method.  Ask the 'smith if there's a state law that prohibits the silver solder method.  He probably just doesn't like to do it, or makes more doing the blind pin and weld.  ATF says it's alright.

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I'm not thrilled with this smith,he is down the block and seems to want to make a big fucken project out of everything.He doesn't weld and as with silver solder am concerned about high heat on my virgin barrel :o.If pin only isn't enough I'll get a bro to tig it [small heat affected zone]. <dontknow>

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