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MY LR308 Build TM-10 lower w/ DPMS upper


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I finished my build a week or so ago.  I'm going to the range this sunday, I can't wait.  Hopefully it'll cycle and shoot with no issues.  It weighs in at 10.8 lbs with an unloaded mag as pictured. 

-Tactical Machining TM-10 lower

-Tactical Machining LPK

-Phase 5 EBR

-BADASS ambi safety

-Raddlock bullet button

-Magpul MIAD, UBR, LR 20 pmags

-DPMS upper receiver with chrome DPMS BCG

-Rainier Arms select 18" barrel

-SWFA SD 16x42 scope mounted in ADM Recon 20moa mount

Future upgrades (summertime):

-Gisselle or JARD trigger

-Troy, Apex, or JP Free float

-Battlecomp BABC

-a good bipod.




Edit - Updated pics:




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Haha, the pics in the original post was from last week.  I started painting the upper portion of the UBR before I posted and I swapped out the back/front strap of the grip since I have the extra set in black.  I just used Rustoleum Satin Black, but it was too glossy so I'm adding some Duplicolor automotive black trim paint that I know is much more flat in gloss.  I painted the mag FDE with Rustoleum Satin Dark Taupe.  This isn't my idea, I found a pic a month or so back and I liked it.  Just something a little different than MOST FDE/black AR's.

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Brought the LR308 out to the range today and it shot great. Cycled perfectly and was able to shoot about 3" groups at 100 yards after sighting the scope in. I'm still new to shooting so I know the 3" groups aren't that good, but I am improving. I definitely need a better bipod and trigger very soon.

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Is it just me, or does it look like there's a bigger than usual gap between the barrel nut and FF tube? I have toe same one on one of my 6.8s and the line is barely noticeable? Good looking build btw! I'm getting started on a build with a DPMS upper. I'm really considering the TM-10 lower, glad to see they fit together. How good is the fit btw? Were any bushings needed for the pin holes on the upper, or are they they the same pin size?

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Livn - i was in a rush so I messed up the threads.  Since the photos i've been able to file down the threads so that it can tighten and close the gap.  Fits much better.

archangel - i've thought about that, but I'm planning on getting another FF tube such as a Troy TRX, APEX, or (if it ever comes out) the Samson Evo .308.  Don't want to waste my time on it. 

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