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AR-10 vs DPMS LR308 Frustration and Ideas


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Hey guys, I am new to this board and super excited to have found a home for my new obsession. I recently acquired an Armalite AR10A2, I decided I wanted to build it into my dream rifle, and have run into a few frustrations. First is that the top is an A2 upper with the fixed carry handle and I dislike this. I am having a terrible time finding a flattop upper that I like. I am almost to the point of selling it and getting a DPMS as a result.  What I am looking for is at least a 20" match grade barrel, threaded barrel, Forward assist, something similar to here at http://www.762sass.com/product.php?p=384&cid=1&session=8f1bbca482c9023818054a6ca9d29039 

Anyone have any suggestions or would going with DPMS be a good idea since the armalite parts are so difficult to find?

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I ended up keeping the A2 as is, and somehow convinced the wife to let me buy a DPMS SASS! Not sure how I pulled that off. I am waiting on some higher scope mounts from midway, then I will go out to my range and zero it to 100yds for the iron sights and 200 for the scope I think. Though my dope card for my remmy 700 is set for 300 yards but I am not sure yet. 300 is as far as my local range goes, takes about 2 hours to get out to the one that has 100-1000 yd ranges. Anyway I'll post pics of it and the few modifications I am about to do. Mainly the grip, the one that comes with the SASS doesn't fit my hands and honestly feels cheap too.

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Thats how it starts here brother SirGred now you gotta convince [smooze] her that you need a bigger safe etc.,ect., etc. <lmao> <laughs> <thumbsup>

i know this one well ...what really happens is you put two ar in the closet at night ...hear funny sounds at that night ...one of them gets pregnant ...they things are worst than damn  rabbits ,so watch out !!!
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