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Tile floors started today


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I'm sitting here upstairs, working on and off, while the tile crew is downstairs.  They started today, doing the whole first floor of the house.  I guess they'll be done on Thursday - it will be nice to have the house back to ourselves, and have fresh floors.


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Guest LLArms

The tile in my office is the 12'x12' vinyl with the adhesive back.

It was kind of fun... like stickers for adults!

$106 to do a 10x10 room with a closet and still had about half a box left.  <thumbsup> <laughs>

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Heres my tile story

Bout three years ago redid my entire home...so found this awesome carpet and tile guy..he was a good kid that worked for a carpet/tile company. Well the carpet he sold me was outstanding,but he didnt have enough for the living room....soo his pricing was so good i had him do the living room in big 14" ceramic tile...I had also had the foundation repaired bout 6 months before that...well the floor was slanted so they had to float it...not too much more <laughs> the foundation guy sent a team to measure everything nothing had moved <dontknow> just to be on the safe side before floating....okay the floor floated the tile layed the carpet done everything was lookin good....I was single at the time and had no furniture in the living room ..okay, so bout three months after the floor was done im sleeping and I woke up to "Pow" "Pow" grabbed my gun and went lookin for that noise...found nothing...bout three nites later  "pow"  WTF? <laughs>

Okay I finally decide to mop the tile in the living room and find cracks running all over the place....and then  i walked over a tile and "Pow"  really? <lmao>

so the tile guy sez its the foundation and the foundation guy sez its a new thing not covered by the old warrenty <lmao>  So...the tile guy had to come out and chisel the tile and the float out of the living room..sheesh still seeing the concrete dust <lmao> so now i have to go to the carpet warehouse and look for carpet for the living room...well, I was looking all over the place to find something to come close to what I have and in a corner of the warehouse was the same carpet that had been installed in the other parts of the house .I didnt need no stinkin tile!....geez <lmao>  Wash

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<laughs> Good one brother Wash,DIY projects are not like T.V. where at the end of the show [usally 30 min. later and as if by magic its done :o.Having the wife help me which was as much fun as haveing your hand pinched by a slide <lmao> she grew to appreciate the time involved in ANY project.A good show to watch is renevation realalites,where a guy or girl armed with a sawsall and hammer wack and hack the room/house apart.Then they call someone [or contractor] who knows what the hell they are doing :cookoo:.On the flip side thier is Holmes on homes that comes in after the people were raped on price and they continue to have problems if not worse cause the people hired were butchers >:(.I was lucky enough to watch the guys on the job do thier thing or get them to help with my nightmare. <thumbsup>

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There is an underlayment that is produced by a german company called Schluter, that allows your foundation to move independantly from the stone/tile. If I recall correctly, they guarantee  full reimbursement for any cracks that occur when this underlatment is  installed according to the Mfgs specs.  Good stuff



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That is a great product brother Jgun,wish it was around when I did my floors.First floor I did tile setter on the job said use a polyblend morter and I went over wood.Pops [gunshots] were locked in stress's didn't crack tile but scared the poop out of me.After that I mortored in cement board and screwed down,then layed tile over that all with the polyblend mortor lot a frikin work but no pops [gunfire <lmao> or cracks.The different tile and designs [pinwheel] is bueatyful for sure. 8)

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