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300 Blackout 14.5" Barrel


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OK guys. I ordered a barrel from Wilson Combat on 03/20/0212 with a ship date of 03/30/2012. On the afternoon of 03/30 they emailed me saying the shipment had been delayed indefinitely. I called just now to check in, mind you 2 months later, and they still have no clue when new barrels are coming in. Possibly in another month, they say, maybe more... Needless to say, my order has officially hit the pooper!

I'm asking all those sets of beady eyes out there to help keep watch for ANYONE selling a 300 Blackout Barrel, preferably of the 14.5" variety. I was really trying to shy away from the outrageously overpriced AAC and Noveske barrels, and now those are gone too!

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Just did a quick search and found a post on another forum where the member says that LOKI uses Satern blanks, and that they have a following amoung the 6.5 Grendel shooters. Supposed to be info on them at 65grendel.com Might be worth a closer look if they can actually deliver a barrel within a reasonable time frame.

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