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Buddy Needs Help!


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Once the little woman and I were upstate NY near the border with Canada. We were not dressed for the weather we experienced so we headed to K-Mart to get jackets and sweaters. The little woman could not find a jacket or sweater to fit her. For some reason I blurted out "because the fat chicks bought them all"


was not a good day..

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Went across the border in Laredo going down the street there's all these drug stores and everyone is dressed like doctors and nurses.Daughter walks by they ask her if she wants some diet pills,she shoot's them a dirty look and keeps walkin.Wife walks by they ask her the same thing,she soots them a dirty look and keeps walkin.They see me gimpin along and ask me if I need a doctor. :rolleyes:

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Brother that was about 10 yrs ago and cousin said it was sketchy then.I went over cause Mom and Aunt was with us and they wanted to go.I had my attitude with me,looked at everyone like they owed me money.When I travel that's not like me.But a good offense is a good defense.So we go to pickup tequila there is a no name brand that is like water that I like.So I got the little grandma cart filled with bottles clinking down the street to checkpoint.Everyone said they would claim thier bottles [2 per person] .Well at the checkpoint BP tells me to come with him I'm in this room,I turn around 2 guys are behind me ninja like.He goes and checks my ID. and I have to pay taxes on these bottles.Get to the other side and have to pay tax..again.WTF.I was told they never check at the first stop  dontknow.gif In the end would have been cheaper to buy by the house.And when they pulled me off to the side there was no one around,I was the lone fukin ranger.Told the wife that was the last time crossing fuk that.Sure wish I had my roscoe.If that wasn't bad enough it 115* when we crossed.

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Well, 10 years ago wasn't bad. I was still going into Juarez back then with friends of mine to build houses. They had a ministry and built one or two houses for needy families down there every summer. Once the slab was done we would go down there and put up a 2 bedroom 1 bath house in about 3 days. The last time I went down with them it was starting to get bad, there were soldiers patroling in Dodge pickups, two in the cab and 4 in the back with automatic weapons.

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