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Guns Of Yore


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Alright...we have the threads already for the combat stuff mostly, and popular modern firearms too.


Let's get this one off the ground for old stuff that can't be bought new anymore, in any shape or form.


I'll start off with a .22 rifle.


This is a Springfield/J.Stevens 86C.  It is a bolt-action, tubular magazine fed rifle and will reliably shoot .22 shorts, long, or long rifle rounds.  As with a lot of older guns, the sights suck.  But if you do your part, it will shoot very tiny groups with any of those .22 rounds.


This one I got for $80 OTD.  I needed a bolt-action for classes, he had this in stock and I got it, knowing nothing about the design.


Haven't been able to find out a lot of information on them, other than they were among a multitude of pre-WWII sporting rifles available to the American public.






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I have a nagant and I love shooting it.  Very stout round and very accurate weapon.  Im parting with the wood stock on favor of the new archangel stock I pre-ordered from pro mag.  Its sweet and allows for a drop in timney trigger and comes with a 5 round mag and you can order 10 round mags as well.  

The link to it here : http://www.promagindustries.com/product-p/aa9130.htm


Definately a must have for the nagant in my opinion unless you want to stay true to the historical value of the weapon.


Note:  Also the 7.62x54r round is widely available and extremely cheap compared to the 308 rounds nowadays, it is a bolt action but better than burning through 200 bucks in rounds at the range and still getting some trigger time in.

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Nobody has old stuff?


Okay...here's another one.


A Marlin Golden 39M.  Mechanically in excellent condition, at sometime in the past it looks like it was put away wet...then sandpapered to get rust off.  It really isn't that old, being born in 1973.  These have an 18 1/2" barrel and straight buttstock.  Produced in small numbers compared to the pistolgrip 39, these have a cult-like following.


This one I found labelled incorrectly on Gunbroker and got it for $300 shipped and transferred.  Quite a bit less than one in comparable crappy condition.


But it shoots!!  Shorts, longs, or long rifles.  When I first went to the range, it would jam with the lever opened.  Found someone else had the same issue, a loose cartridge guide on the inside top of the dirty receiver.  Cleaning and a careful tightening of the thin spring steel (which can be cracked by Hulking it in there) and it runs like a top now!






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I've got a Winchester model 12 that was my grandpas, I posted pix in the shot gun section but they were crappy on my cell. I traced the serial # according to the web site it was made in 1946. I need to get it looked at tho, I think one of the springs is weak most the times when you close the action you need to pull the tigger to get the action back open. I just don't know who around me to take it too.

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If you feel up to it shepp, pull that trigger group out and clean it like a mad man! A bunch of the old stuff I've had has been hampered by just old oil and dirt adobe.

About 7:45 is where he starts on the trigger removal:


I'm sure it hasn't been cleaned in 30 years or ever. Ill watch it an maybe give it a try thanks.

Anything I should stay away from cleaner wise?

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Tons of stuff to stay away from.


Just use a quality cleaner and scrub everything well.  You'll probably see lots of grime in that trigger group.


On the side bar for that video, MidwayUSA has a video showing how to tighten a loose barrel on a Winchester 12.  Very cool! Very easy!



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