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Right in the neck!


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I finally made it out to the range today. Damn, it's been a while since I've been able to get out there. Been working my ASS off lately. Anyway, I've had this ACOG that I got about 2 months ago, and I've never had a chance to even do a rough sight-in. I mean, who doesn't like buying equipment....just to keep it pristine in the gun box. On a whim, this afternoon, I figured that I'd roll out and see how crowded the range was.


It was a beautiful day here today. Sunny, scattered to few clouds, low to mid fifties. F-ing gorgeous. Perfect blasting weather. Then, I arrive at the range..........to find that nobody is there except 2 people over on the pistol range. Well, at that point I turn around and look over my shoulder to see if my old friend, the black cloud, is sneeking up on me? A quick glance, and a big negative. Huh? What? I'm non-plussed! I'm astounded! I'm shocked.............I think you get my drift. Here it is.....2 in the afternoon on a gorgeous day........and there'e NOBODY on the rifle range. Get the hell outta here.


So I set my rig up and proceed to start doing 5 shot groups (not too slow....not too fast). Checking hits, marking them, and slowly walking the sights in. It was about 30 minutes in and I was getting the sights close. HEY.....don't rush me. I'm all by myself and not being bothered by anybody........and LOVING it.  It was at this point, that I had to snap a pic of the target. Cause I found myself standing there laughing and thinking about all of the goofballs (no....not you specifically Goofball) on the forum.


I had run 2 (5) shot groups through the center and 1 (5) shot group through the head area. Be nice now......I had some feeding issues that were throwing me off my game for the head shots. But I know that I suck anyway. Oh.....anyway....the last 5 shot group, I figured that I put through the top of the outer most ring. Without thinking about it of course.


Well, you probably guessed it by now. The outer-most ring on these target is (drum roll please)..........RIGHT IN THE NECK!


As we're so fond of saying.


So here's a pic of the 10 with the ACOG......and the too damn funny (to me at least) neck shot.

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