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Just made it up to identify those taking the science of being impaired to new levels.




My Mom, Aunt, and Grandfather were in a major carwreck in the late 1940s.  He had his right leg amputated...twice...once below the knee and once above the knee.  Mom's mangled leg was only saved by a Veteran surgeon well versed in the fairly new science of grafting.


Both worked their asses off.  His hobby was maintaining a HUGE garden...seriously large.  Some of the "urban farming" projects I've seen aren't as big as his garden was...and he did it with a plastic leg or on crutches (his fancy wooden legs were for business or formal occasions).  She raised three kids mostly on her own, working low-paying office jobs usually, having to elevate her legs after work daily.


I know plenty of other people that have "made due" with physical and mental maimings over the years also.


This whole "it isn't your fault your lame (choose your definition)" is really getting old.


We need to bring back ass whipings, tar-and-featherings, and stocks.



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That is crap. Similar to Jon, my grandfather had a leg cut off below the knee with a circular saw while working on a barn. He worked for another 10 years on his dairy farm before he retired at 75. I went out to help during the summer. He could outwork me with one good leg.

There is too much poor, pitiful me in this country.

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