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Not Cool


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Something like that happen to me like that. An old man stopped suddenly in front of me I seen it in plenty of time I got my bike stopped. Then all I could hear was screeching tires. When all was quite looked back and the bumper of the car was just touching my rear tire. Could have went either way that day glad it went the way it did.

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I stopped on my bike once at a crosswalk to let a lady cross three lanes of traffic.  Normally don't do that on a motorcycle but a truck that had been behind me was still there, so I did.


The head car in the center lane stopped, and the lady started across.


As she was about centered in front of the car in the center lane, the driver starts honking...<honkhonkhhoooonk>...and she looked at him like "WTF is your problem?"


And just then a Monte Carlo in the curbside lane locked up the brakes and skidded through the crosswalk, big cloud of rubber smoke, at like 40mph.  The pedestrian would've been toast.



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There is a cluster fornicate of three lane around Madison Wi they call the belt line it should be called the death line. I try not to ride down it on a bike cuz it's down right scary, most times its not an option being that Madison is built around three lakes and its a pita to drive thru town. I try staying in either the outside or inside lane so if this happens I can make an exit on the shoulder, I've seen to many people on that road get rear ended not letting it happen to me on a bike

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I had some dude behind me not paying attention, while I was already at a red light.


I gunned it into the crosswalk to my left, in front of the lefthand turn lane.  Dipwad ended up stopping half a car length past the crosswalk.


That once incident is why it boggles my brain to see bikers in neutral at a light...or they roll RIGHT UP to someone's bumper in front of them.



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Man, miss two wheels, but none of that bullpoopy. Saw it way too much, on the Harley and the RC51. Want a new bike, but with three young ones, have been considering four instead…. Going to miss it, keep the rubber side down and your head on a swivel men!

RC51 bad ass bike I've gotta tl1000r I need to blow the dust off her and take her for a ride

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