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Incomprehensible to me


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I saw this ad


Yugoslavian SKS Pristine Condition, Bayonet, All Numbers Match, 30 Round Magazine, Grenade Launcher Sight $450 or trade!!!!!!



Seriously? $200 is too much for one of those pieces of junk. He'll probably sell it too. I wouldn't pay that much for an AK with a milled receiver, much less an SKS.

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Ya it's crazy but that is pretty much what I have been seeing them go for too. I also bought one for $99 at Ace hardware here in town in about 1992, 20 rounds of ammo was $1.79! The only gun I ever sold and I would like to kick my own ass every time I think about it.

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Last time I owned an SKS, I paid around $130 for it. I guess part of what is dumbfounding to me about it is that at $450, you are approaching what you can build an AR15 for and end up with a much nicer weapon. And most other guns (not including AKs) have also come at least somewhat back downwards in price to close to pre-Newtown levels.


Then again I saw someone selling a Chinese norinco MAK90 parts kit (no receiver) for $700...

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I can do you one better. My son's best friend had an SKS that his wife bought him for Christmas just before the crap hit the fan. He managed to pick up several 25 and 30 rnd. detachable mags for it over the last several months. The other day he traded it to a coworker for an M&P AR-15 with one mag, straight across, no money changed hands! He said the guy was happy as hell to get the SKS and said he had always wanted one.

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I almost managed to trade my MAK90 + 2 drums and some ammo for a complete Beowulf 50 upper plus 300 rounds of ammo and reloading equipment but he already had an offer in (of similar to mine, just no drums).


But that's crazy, an SKS for an AR? particularly an M&P

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