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Gun To A Knife Fight

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It's important to understand the edged weapon threat. I tend to direct guys to the SOCP class. To be a well rounded warrior you have to train more than your trigger finger.....that video, along with numerous real incidents prove that. Although it looks like an old 70s porn video, it is still relevant.

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Most people I encounter that flash the MMA swag either on a T-shirt, through a sticker, or in any other way, are typically fans first and have very little background in using that particular fighting style. This has risen to an almost nauseating level.

I've been taught basic defensive tactics to combat aggressive fighters that seek to bring a person to the ground within a few seconds but have few chances to commit them fluidly to muscle memory. The best thing to do is keep a safe distance to get the chance to react quickly. Just like any experienced fighter, a MMA trained fighter is dangerous and if you can't draw a weapon than you better be prepared to strike a critical area quick (temple, eyes, throat, balls, etc...).

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   A bullett through my pants pocket might burn, a little.   But , I don't have to draw, just fire.

   Sure, I know I'll jam the gun, but one bullett in the chest will give me time to clear it, and fire again.

   I know, because I have a pair of Jeans with multiple patches covering the holes from practice.LOL!!



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Even us older seniors should practice drills draw and fire reloads, clear gun jams etc they take little ammo and time but it keeps your reflexes as sharp as you can I always practice draw and empty gun backing up starting at 7 ft from target... I am 63 as of yesterday and i am going out this am for my 4 mile run i refuse to let myself become incompetent.

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Here's a video of this problem in the real world. As demonstrated in the video, even multiple heavily armed officers can still be greatly threatened by a single knife wielding attacker.


 This video is very graphic.




    MMA and other "real world" sports don't help us 60+ seniors.

    I rely on experience, foresight,and being prepaired.  If "I think" I might need it, I find a way to have my gun IN my hand.




 I studied Kung Fu in high school. The most valuable thing I learned in Kung Fu was how to defuse a situation and it has kept me from ever having to fight since about the age of 14 or 16 (I was ambushed in my last fight and there was nothing else I could do). It turned out that I have a talent for defusing confrontations.


 But I have also found that having a visible back-up plan in case of physical violence is very helpful. If someone is out of control, there's not a whole lot you can do but if; while attempting to avoid a violent confrontation, your attacker sees that he at a disadvantage, he will be visibly more hesitant to fight. Of course, making him recognize his disadvantage can be trickier then setting it up.


Keeping your distance is one of them. Simply being in a dangerous place to fight is also helpful. For example,  I will sometimes place myself at the braced edge of a drop-off so that my attacker will fall if he attacks me while I will stay upright.


 Having a bunch of stuff between you and your attacker also helps. Basically, use your environment to your advantage. This is an extremely valuable lessen they usually teach you in martial arts that few actually pick up on. Men usually go in to martial arts with their brains fried by testosterone. All they're interested in is how to better use their brawn. It's our brain that make us superior to the animal kingdom and that is where martial arts comes in most handy in the real world.

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