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VV N110 for 300BLK?


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 From what I see on the burn rate chart, the VV N110 is very close to the H110 (slightly slower). I have not used the H110 so I don't know what it looks like, but I was suggested a 16gr load of VV N110 would be a safe load behind my 145gr bullets, I have found that the 16gr load of the VV powder, which is a stick powder, fills the case fully. Can you tell me what load of H110 you used with your 150's, and did it also fully fill the cases?  I'd like to load something lighter than the 145's but right now thats all I have on hand, I'm going to order some more 300BLK bullets shortly, and will be sure to order some 110's as well as the 125's. Someones sent me this article on the 120gr Barnes black tip bullets, they look like they might be worth trying out.


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16.6 grs. of H110 , with the 150 SP. avg. Vol. 1900 fps  & I don't think it is a compressed load ,but close .

19 grs. of H110 , with the 150 SP. didn't get much more out of this cartridge , avg. Vol. 1974 fps., no idea why .

19 grs. of H110 with a Barnes 110 gr. TSX bullet , shot real nice groups ,  Avg. Vol. 2341 fps, ES - 24 fps , SD - 9 fps.


I seated the 150 gr. SP up to the crimp grove ,but no crimp . I now have a Lee Factory Crimp Die for the BLK ,but have not tried it yet .I have about a hundred cases ready to trim , but will wait till I get back from my extended hunt camp this year , I retire on the 22nd of Nov..


I also use WW296 which is the same as H110

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Thanks for your load info. Sounds like my 16 gr loads should be pretty mild. I was really just trying to load some plinking ammo, not going for fps. Hopefully it will be reasonably accurate. I, also, seated to the cannelure. Unless the H110 is denser than the N110, I'm thinking that your 19 gr loads must have been pretty compressed. Congratulations on your impending retirement, now you'll have lots of time for shooting. BTW, I just did some loading of the 3 .30 cal rds I shoot, and the 300BLK sure is cheaper to load than .308 and 30-06.

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