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My 2013 deer hunt


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Went up Thursday set up my stand did a little scouting, same Friday. Saturday morning was cold as F, 7* with 15-25mph NW winds. I was spent by 10 I was freezing, went back to camp with reports of -15* wind chill. Went back out to stand at 1 after a big bowl of chilli and putting more cloths on. I turned my climber so the wind wasnt hitting me head on. I was sitting about 150-200 yards off a swamp the deer like to skirt. About 3-300 I picked up movement at my 10 I'm looking thru hardwoods with a lot of saplings sticking up. I was tracking two deer thru this for about 10-15 min every time I'd catch a glimps I wouldn't be able to pick them up In my scope. Finally she stepped into a pretty open lane (still a poke) raise the gun up, sh!t I can't shoulder it very well with all these cloths on....... End up getting alil ghetto and hold the gun kinda cocked now I can get a clear shot. I fired 3 times either the 2nd or third shot dropped her, they had no clue where I was shooting from I just stopped when I couldn't see brown no more. Last month I installed a MI muzzle break I really like it follow up shots where very easy, took out some recoil too.

Sunday I hunted in the afternoon, we had got 7 deer on Saturday my motivation to freeze was low.

Monday I slept In, I was taking my time at the cabin everyone else was gone. Walk out the door with my bibs and back pack open the front door my truck, start truck, open back door throw my poop in slam door. Turn to go back and get my gun and here is a buck 20 yards from me sniffing the deer hanging. I freeze, he goes back around the back side if the cabin I run up the hill to the cabin open the door shut off the lights, he's right by the window by the door that over looks the bait pile, I belly crawl to my gun, get it load it crawl back to the window and peak out he's got his ass too me he starts meandering away I sneak out the door he's on the knoll standing broad side to me so I give him some what for. After 20 years of hunting I finally bagged my first horns I was stoked!! Then I find out the reason he never bolted was the stupid fucker down the road feeds the cocksucker by hand, actually got attacked by it a few weeks back. Thee are a bunch of dirty hippies that live in a row out there and they don't understand how they're fucking up nature by doing this. Owell I'm proud of my bag!







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Forgot about these sob's, we weren't the only ones hunting in the woods. Saturday my buddy was I. A stand down in an area that was clear cut 15 years ago or so, it's a thick hateful mess. My buddy Matt was sitting on a cross roads out pops a doe takes a shot she's gone as fast as she appeared. Not two min later out popped a big wolf prolly 3' at the shoulder looked at him starred him down a min and took off. when he went back to his quad he saw 2 more sets of tracks they were driving the pines trying to push deer out. 7 years ago I saw a pack of 6 at dawn, I thought I was dreaming. Their presents is known ive heard and seen plenty of sign but don't see them much. They took them off the endangered list 4-5 years ago, and opened a season on them last year but it's damn near impossible to get tags for. Pretty sure a lot of locals gut shoot them.


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Yea I'm glad I sit in a tree stand. One year a guy I hunt with had shot a doe right before dark. We figured we'd let her bed down and find her in the morning. At dawn we were in our stands I just down the ridge from his as this nasty mass of snarling hell came from the bottoms then arrrrrrrooooooooo and the entire woods was dead, the wolf pack had found our doe........

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Good hunt shepp i hear ya on the cold. Suppose to be 20 below here next week not looking forward to that. Again great job on the deer. All of our deer have died off to bad winter and disease. 4 years ago you could get 1 buck tag and 12 does tags this year the quit selling doe tags. Pretty sad up here from what it use to be.

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