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Black Hole Weaponry barrels - do we like them?


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My rainier's select 18" barrel(BHW) does real well for its price. It shoots sub moa at 100m with a variety of different loads. My favorite load consists of a 125g sierra pro hunter projectile on top of 44gr of IMR3031. Those little bastards are traveling around 3100fps( per manual, no chrono yet) and my best 3 round group was a hair under .5". I threw together some plinking ammo the other day consisting of m80(147 gr) pull downs and IMR4064  and achieved moa groups, was banging steel mostly with that load. 

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George, can you give details of your build with the BHW barrel?



parts as follows.

 Rainiers arms 18" 308 barrel, dpms patterned extension

Dpms bolt carrier group w/ bolt

Daniel defense low gas block

sjc titan compensator 

mega arms maten 308 receivers(matched set),

Geissele SD-E trigger

Jp enterprise 15.5" forearm With top rail

a2 stock/extension, recently purchased a magpul moe rifle stock in foliage green.

armalite 5.3oz rifle buffer for ar10, I switched the buffer weights out with 5 tungsten weights making my own heavy buffer.

ar10 buffer spring (armalite)

Tango down Battle grip bg17

Swfa 12x scope w/ larue lt158 mount

Hope this helps.

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Thanks blue, you still runnin that dynacomp on your build? I always ran single stage milspec triggers(usually with JP ent. reduced springs) with my AR-patterned rifles, I couldn't believe the difference when I dropped the coin on this SD-E. This trigger feels like she's breaking in nicely too, my groups definitely improved with the SD-E installed.

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That's awesome!  I'd be curious to find out what the muzzle speed is on your 20".  Ever take it out further?



no, my primary range only goes to 100. It sucks, a bunch of friends went to the only range in Florida that goes out to 1000, but I couldn't make it that day. eventually i'll hit that one up, at least on the 400 yard range.

I do plan to buy a chronograph eventually too since I am starting reloading the rifle cartridges. up till now I've only reloaded for pistol.

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