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Crazy Peak This Year!


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Well this was one of the craziest peak season at work this year  :cookoo: I hope you guy's got your stuff on time for Christmas we were processing around 300k packages per shift ( 6 hours) during peak week, thats almost 1 million packages a day coming through our building. It was never designed to handle that much volume at one time but we kept it moving. We ran out of package cars for deliveries we even rented Ryder trucks and anything else we could get a hold of for delivery vehicles. Out of our building we ran around a 100k deliveries per day and we only cover half of the KC metro area another building covers the other half.


Well thats were I've been for the last month did I miss anything :hunter:



Hope everybody had a good Christmas <thumbsup>    



Glad to be back. Next is to get to the range I haven't pulled a trigger since hunting season.

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We were crazy busy th is year do to the compressed peak between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our smalls crew kicked azz this year they were doing 10k to 15k per night. Our facility is ranked in the top 5 company wide. Had less than 400 packages not delivered by xmas. Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

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Thanks for the welcome back guy's since the weekend is here the wife and I decided to go to the range tomorrow  to get reacquainted after a month of just passing each other in the house. I haven't pulled the trigger on my 1911 and High Standard pistols for awhile. I think I'll play her in a game of battle ship tomorrow.  >:D



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