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Robocop1051's Pistola


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So recently (with a positive climate change at my department) I started working towards a pistol build. This will likely be my new "throw in a bag and carry around town" gun. I couldn't go with off-the-shelf or even mainstream. I always have to be a little off.

Originally I was thinking about a 7.5" wrapped with a VLTOR CASV-M and a KX3 on the end... then I decided I wwanted to go crazy and build a shorty 7.62x39.

As some of you may know, I hate cleaning my guns. Building a 7.62x39 was the perfect excuse to build another piston system. At first I just tried to get a PWS Diablo, but it looks like PWS has dried up anything relating to that caliber. I couldn't even build it from their parts.

My second option was either an AA piston or an Osprey piston. Osprey doesn't have quite the history or fan base backing, and it's crazy expensive. So it looks like another AA kit is in my future. I really would like to find a NiB coated bolt while I'm going this "clean" route.

Finding a barrel is getting to be a PITA too. Lots of barrels available, but they are all HBARs. I'm still holding out for a Med to LW contour, 1:10 twist with pistol length gas and 5/8x24 threads. Preferably melonite treated, but would settle for chrome lined.

Since I'm pretty stuck with the AA piston option, my most favorable option is the Samson Evolution 7" extended handguard. I like how the sides come around the gas block.

I'm kind of stuck on muzzle devices right now. I thought about a KX3. I also like the PWS CQB. My more unique option would be an AAC muzzle brake with a "brake shield" installed around it.

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You know, Rob...


When most of us start a topic with a title like "Rob's pistola," or "Drew's long-slide .45"...


It's usually a finished product that we've somehow kept secret, and we're revealing it.  REVEALING IT.  <lmao>


By the time we post a topic like this, it's not just a pipedream, or a wishlist.


I'm just sayin'...  <laughs> :banana:





Wait 'til Greg sees this one...  :yup: :stfu2:

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  • 3 months later...

Upper receiver.... Bought and done

Barrel.... Bought and done

Muzzle Device.... Bought and done

Gas Block.... Bought, but requires fitting (small amount of damage to one side, won't slide over barrel)

Carrier.... Being prepped for shipping. Special build requires carrier modification.

Bolt... Still shopping


Whoa baby, this thing is going to be sweeeeeeeet

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I have no idea who made the barrel, but it was the only one I could find that had all the options I wanted; Contour, twist, and nitride treatment.

I already have a melonite carrier, but I have to get it modified for this build. I'm shipping it out soon for some custom milling.

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