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Please help me choose and upper....


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I've got one of those darn sad & lonely lowers, just crying for company.  It's an Areo Precision.  It will be getting a ALG ACT trigger, ambi selector, Umbrella 23, BCM mod 1 or 3 grip, and M4 stock.  But,...it needs an upper.  


I've already got a DI in 5.56, but was thinking either piston, or another caliber all together.  So, I've narrowed it down to these:



Made by Adams Arms

Already have everything else that is compatible from my other 5.56

Only need to add sights/optics (Thinking Troy HK-style with a Primary Arms Micro)





Just looks fun

Cool to have another caliber

5.7 cost about the same as 5.56


This would just be to have 'another' upper.  

Could be used for tactical training, plinking or just plain fun at the range.

Both uppers would wind up costing about the same.

I'm open to other ideas, but want to keep the cost down.


If anyone has had any experience with either of these (or similar), I'd love to hear the pros/cons.





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As for the 300Blk... Some think the 300Blk is a great suppressed round. I ask what was wrong with the .45 ACP? If you look at the ballistics (220 grain .30 cal vs a 230 grain .45 cal) they are pretty dawned close.

I like the lighter, super sonic stuff. It's very similar to a 30-30, with a bit better performance down range. Since suppressors are a no-no in CA, I use the 110-125 grain stuff.

It's literally the American AK round. For a sub 300 yard round, I'd take it any day over the 5.56 pellet.

I still plan on building another 7.62x39 upper for all around plinking and wasting ammo. It's almost to the point that it's cheaper to shoot than .22lr... it's definitely easier to find!

All I'm looking for to complete my next build is:

• 7.62x39 NiB coated bolt

• 7.5" - 9" Melonite treated barrel

I'm going to build it around a pistol length Adams Arms piston system. I hate cleaning up after Soviet ammo, so I'm building a SUPER clean shooter.

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MikeDaddy does - we just shot his today.  I'll have one running before too long.  I know Drew has a pretty sweet 9mm AR also.  Drew and I also have AR45 setups - was running my 45 today as well. 


Pistol-caliber stuff is WAY different than rifle-caliber.  There are a few DI systems out there that are great, but most pistol-caliber ARs are blowback operated.

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