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History from the family!


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Got to go spend some time with aunt and unkle and this Time they came threw with there promise to hand down some old relics from my side of the family. Story was bud finished his tour in ww2 and was done w the army came home and bought 3 winchesters in a package deal! This isn't my first experience from history. Back then you bought a lot (set) of all worthy hunting guns at once as a package ? Stuff was that cheep or ? Either way you got all you needed at once so I ended up with 2 of the 3 the third was a 30-30 win of said era that went down with the ship in Alaska on my other unkles fishing boat! Now in my posesion are these two rems of my grandpa. Lets see if you can decifer from the pix..


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The wall hanger is a 12 ga win 1911 S.L. (1912-14) also known as the widow maker. It was a poor attempt at competing with the browning A5 12 ga. The reason for the name was due to paper shot shells ( before the plastic case) the paper would swell due to moisture thus making the barrel cocking action impossible to un jam except to mortar it on the ground and setting off the charge usually towards ones face!! Very crazy history lesson. Will be putting this one out to pasture / retired!!

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My x's mom was 30 sec's away from giving me full boxes of Winchester paper loads of her fathers the ones with the sense on the side one was a guy shooting a huge grizzly on his back feet, then my X opened her fat fucking mouth.......

Very cool guns and very cool history behind them

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Thanks shepp the second is a win lever mod 71 .348 w.c.f. (1937) might be able to resurrect this beauty. Ammo is almost as expensive as .50bmg but way harder to find being factory loads are discontinued. I have a few rnds to shoot but also found full loads and projos just need some brass that's resonable. Great gramps was a reloder I found the rcbs dies in all the old stuff I got!! :)

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