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Rainier Arms Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle-7.62

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I recently purchased a DPMS 308/7,62 G11 Recon Tactical Rifle. I'm left handed and I want to replace my Charging Handle with a Ambidextrous one and found the Rainier. First I want to know if it will fit and second does anyone have other recommendations. The Charging Handle the Rifle came with measures from the lip that inserts into the Rifle to the end of the handle measures seven and one half inches.The Rainier measures eight and one eight inches. Will it fit?

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id guess barrel nut, hand guards, springs and buffers, CH, FSB/irons/buis, plus little stuff like bolt release levers or magwell grips. seems they made it dimensionally similar to an Ar15 to use as many standard parts as possible. if not..it's just another goofy DPMS standard to confuse people with.

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They changed a lot to make that rifle , wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't proprietary. The Rainier handle may be configured differently because of the Ambi. feature that it has , making it longer . You will know when you install it & check function, if you haven't already .

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SS is right. The one main factor they cannot change, is the length of the .308 cartridge. That forces a size difference at the magwell. I hope the charging handle isn't proprietary. That would be catastrophic to the gun, leaving the Badger Latch as the only remaining option.

I really only care about the barrel nut. If they got an AR15 barrel nut to fit, and the upper matches the AR15 height, the handguard options just skyrocketed.

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Okay just confirmed... The only "milspec" parts are the same ones already used on the LR308. Everything 'new' is proprietary.

The barrel nut is proprietary. Externally, it's dimensionally identical to the standard AR15 barrel nut. Internally, it has proprietary threads. The upper receiver IS the same height as the AR15.

Rear of the magwell, the G2 is the same measurements as the AR15. Having looked at the new BCG design and reading about their new "stronger" charging handle, I'm thinking the CH is proprietary also.

I have a 50% off coupon for anything Remington/DPMS, and I'm very tempted to grab one of these.

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so...if it's all proprietary, what was the point of building it? I guess the current parts confusion wasn't good enough for DPMS? needed some more stuff that will only fit one gun?

You can only buy any parts from them , until some one copies or designs one to function it the rifle , to replace it . More $$$$ for them .

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