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Piston .308 question


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I'm sure this has been asked before, however, I wasn't able to find it when I search.  If there is already an existing thread, feel free to post the link.


1.  Do piston .308 ARs really run THAT much cleaner than DI?  


2. What factory Piston 308AR (full rifle or just upper) tends to show the best groups at 600-1000 yards?

I guess I'm doing the age old LWRC, PWS, POF, LMT debate.  That said, is there any data or observations beyond just one single rifle's performance? It's be great to read something like "16-18 inch barrels on LWRC REPRs consistently seem to outperform POFs of similar size at 800+ yards with Berger 175s by X MOA"  


Thanks all

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I have both platforms. I'm not sure what you are looking for here. How long do you plan to go with out cleaning? These guns aren't hard to clean. I can go two or three range sessions before I clean any of my guns but don't. I have done it, without any negative or adverse affect on the weapons function. I won't do that though generally. As for accuracy, what are you looking for here? 1/8 moa better one over the other? I would bet my salary you couldn't do that repeatedly with any range session unless you are a gun vice bench rest type of guy. More lies on you and your ability to shoot. Your making a mountain out of a ant hill. If you have the dough to choose, I would pick a LWRC over the POF, or a LaRue OBR over both (because I did and it is a shooter out of the box that makes me look gooood!)

The distances you are asking about are going to require a piece of glass to match the rifle as well, so don't go skimping there.

And practice. Lots of it

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Thanks for the reply. I hear your points. Just thinking about a piston upper for one of my builds. Just mental games really. But why do you say lwrc over pof, for instance? What about lmt or pws? And yes, a nice optic, good ammo & practice will surely be in the mix.

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I have a PWS and believe it's more a battle rifle, but mine has a 14.5" barrel. I have heard of more people using the rifles I suggested for precision work. Doesn't mean the others can't. Keep in mind if you go POF I believe it isn't compatible and it'll have to be a complete rifle, same with the LWRC. Not so sure on the LMT, but FarKle has one, ask him what he's wrung out of it.

All in all I'm not sold on the piston set up and won't do it again on an AR rifle. DI works, well, and I clean my rifles. Can't imagine I'd ever shoot so much it's an issue in one range session

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