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are fed 210 m primers


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Are these to soft for a ar308308?

watched a video by ammosmith

stating a semi auto may set of the primer as the bolt is engaging before you hit the triggger. Seems pretty harmful.

Reason I ask is because on 6mmbr.com

It is listed as the most used in accurate loads. There's a chart I'll look for it. Thoughts?

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Personally I would not use Fed 210M in the AR or M1A/M-1. The reason is the possibility of the round being fired before the bolt has the chance to rotate and lock.

If the round is striped from the mag, there is a lot less chance of this happening. If one throws a round in and lets the bolt fly fwd, the chance of a slam fire goes up over other primers. The firing pin keeps moving fwd before the bolt rotates and has enough energy to strike the primmer and set it off.


I assume the Armilite still have the spring that keeps the firing pin to the rear to prevent this. DPMS guns do not, hence the floating firing pin.


Over 30 years of HP shooting, I have seen on the range or have been right next to rifles blowing up. About 11 M1A's one M-14, and two AR 15.


Because of this, learning by others mistakes, I stay away from fed primmers. I do use them in my bolt guns.

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I usually start about middle of the load range and go up by .3 gr till I hit max and after shooting max and there is no pressure signs ill go up a bit. Once I find what powder load the rifle likes ill work on seating depth I usually start everything at 15 thousandth off the lands. And if it dont shoot ill adjust.

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