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Castle building - show and tell


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Hay, I found some old pics from earlier this year and figured some of you might like them. I use to be a well known card model artiest but gave up the hobby years ago. Earlier this year I got an itch to make a castle model and I learned that my neighbor's daughter was turning 7 and in to fairytale castles and such, so I took that as an excuse to build this.


 It's not a serious model. You can see if you look carefully that it was more or less just cut and tossed together, with allot drawn on that; on a serious model, would have been built. At the request of my neighbor to "keep it within a certain size", I also intentionally made the model shorter, front to back. And; being a quick throw together, I made no effort to check to make sure the parts that haven't been shortened were in accurate proportion and I can say with confidence that most of them are not. LOL. It still came out OK IMO. The look on that kid's face when she got her birthday present was unforgettable which made the project even more worth while.


 Some day, I am going to go back and build a REAL model of this castle. Until then, enjoy!!









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The castle took a little over 30 hours over a 3 week period. The aircraft carrier was a 10ft monster that took thousands of hours over a 5 year period and contained a third of a million pieces, detailed down to hand tools in the deck hands hands and knobs on the doors. The pilots in the taxiing F14 even had their oxygen masks on and VF-84 patches on their shoulders along with the rest of their insignia. If you look at the very front starboard side (closest) corner of the ship you can see a sea sick green shirt deck hand stooped over the side near the wing of an A7. You can very vaguely see 2 other deckhands sitting down, smoking pot on the other side. The model also had a deck hand in the back of the ship peeing on another deck hand's head and another deck hand falling off the back of the other side of the ship. I originally planned to have someone getting sucked in to the intake of the open winged F14 but I ended up choosing a rotating helicopter over a launch sequence.

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