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  1. Welcome from southern Louisiana
  2. Now it just needs to be reassembled! The stock didn’t come out great but I’m not super worried about it. Since it’s Magpul FDE cerakote, I may just buy one in FDE. Purely an aesthetic item but I’m not sure if I like the black hand guard covers now. I’ll have to see it fully assembled to be sure.
  3. Grabbed this Mk IV Series 70 today along with a pile of WC and CM mags plus 300 rounds of ammo for about $800
  4. Well, I traded the LMT lower for a 1911, six good mags (Wilson Combat, Chip McCormick) and 300ish rounds of mixed FMJ & hollow point ammunition 🫣
  5. Priorities man 😀 Commie trash < American Muscle
  6. Decided to swap the red car from manual to an automatic and decisions were made!
  7. I mean… who doesn’t like female cat?
  8. Rifle is still with my buddy and hasn’t been cerakoted just yet. We both work for the same facility that’s on about day 66? of a site wide turnaround. Needless to say, he’s tied up.
  9. Sold the upper and going to rebuild as an 18” 6.8 SPC. Before anyone says “why not 6.5 Grendel”, I’m going to build a Noveske lower into a 6.5 Grendel. That’s why.
  10. Gave this dude a home recently and it’s built like a tank. This one doesn’t rattle or sound cheap. That’s attributable to the milled receiver and the fact the Bulgarians make, in my opinion, the best of the old Eastern Bloc copies. The thumb hole stock is long gone and the furniture was sourced from Ironwood Designs. My plans are to have the factory brake cut off and the barrel threaded 5/8 x 24. I’d also like to source a Texas Weapon Systems railed top cover and I’m uncertain from there.
  11. You guys know how it is!! I’m constantly horse trading AR15’s to the point that I just started taking them apart, keeping the parts that I like, replacing those parts with stuff I didn’t like and reselling/trading for something else. 🤪
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