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  1. Wound up selling this rifle last year to make some ends meet but I’ve picked up another PSA PA10 lower in a trade 😆 Guess I’ll just pick up where I left off when I get my hands on an upper.
  2. Some people just can’t handle the truth.
  3. Ah, ARFCOM. “Where the weak are killed and eaten.” Which is literally the forum motto over at www.yellowbullet.com but it applies nicely at www.AR15.com
  4. Ah. Former coworker had “trigger finger” and at times he couldn’t straighten it at all. Seemed like a real pain in the ass. Oh well. That guy was a dick anyway.
  5. Wish I would’ve seen this sooner. I just bought a NM lower 😆
  6. Personally, I think those look like Doo Doo.
  7. If I had to grab something and bug out it wouldn’t be this pig. I’d likely grab this one:
  8. Yeah... I’m not sold but it’s certainly lighter
  9. You know what, I neglected to report that the rifle functioned without issue when I took it to the range. It doesn’t kick like a mule any longer. Had no problems with feed or extraction and the bolt locked back each time on an empty magazine. Never slipped off the bolt catch. I do not like the trigger in this rifle but I will leave it alone for the time being. It was quite windy too! The best 5 shot group at 100 yards: The next best 5 shot group at 100 yards: Next trip I’m going to shoot off of the sand bags without the bipod. The shooter also needs some work and I need to put some blue locktite on my scope mount/rings.
  10. I took the PRS off and put the adjustable stock on. Now it just looks goofy to me.
  11. Yes, I experienced no issues. I am thinking of ditching the PRS stock and going back with an A2 stock. Guess it’ll be back to the drawing board with the buffer system.
  12. This is the handguard I went with: https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/product-p/mi-ar10ssm15.htm
  13. I believe I’m good unless this is too much 🤔
  14. Took the liberty of reading through a couple of threads there and yeah, they really like you over there 😁 FWIW, I take internet knowledge with a grain of salt. If I get some tech advice that fits my issue, I’ll explore it every time. It’s up to the end user to decide which route to take and, if it doesn’t work, bite the bullet and try again. In this case, it made sense that the 3.25” buffer and PSA spring combo was limiting the BCG travel. Followed some advice here and now that problem has been alleviated.
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