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Everything posted by billymagg

  1. Anyway, I really like the UBR Gen2 on my small frame 5.56 medium heavy barrel, it is a nice compromise between a carbine stock, and an A2 stock.. I had seriously considered an A2 for "Little Miss Wilson", but one of the real attributes of this rifle is to be able to put it in the carbine case and take it to the farm.. the UBR Gen 2 will be a big help balancing the large frame rifle,, and I really am impressed with the MOE+,, it has such a nice grippy feel to it.. so I'm really looking forward to upgrading the handling of this rifle with the Magpul furniture.
  2. Sounds like fun,, I've been hankering for a Winchester Model 1897, some one had a replica riot gun on an original and it was very well done,,, don't ask me why... my Model 12 Featherweight keeps locking up on me when you rack the bolt all the way back, it locks up and will NOT return to battery,,, put it back in the gunsafe, lean it up against a tree,, and odds are if you grab the forgrip and pick it up, that sombiotch will slide right back into battery,, a couple of model 12 guru's camped out with it for 6 months,, couldn't find a single thing wrong with it, brought it home all dissapointed and sure as chit went back to intermittent but frequent locking out of battery.. OD Green Magpul UBR Gen2 with OD Green MOE+ for "little Miss Wilson",, yeah, she's spoiled,, but she is running the bomb with that full mass KAK BCG and Geiselle Automatics 2 stage Enhanced,, wow.. and my old Rock River with the nasty 2 stage National Match trigger, now runs like hot butter with a JP light spring kit,,, its damn close the Geiselle, I don't believe it either, and it may be my imagination,, but I put together a couple of decent 3 shot groups today with a cheap az chi com scope,, yeah, I know, I'm ashamed, but its glass...
  3. Oh come on Doc! give the devil his due!! fine shooting JB Matt, and 98! pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! shheesshh Doc??
  4. Nice work gentlemen, and Kimmy!
  5. I looks like a decent design Tyler, I do like the larger boss at the rear, but I will say the JP low mass that shipped new with my Wilson Combat Tactical Hunter had issues, broke an extractor, and was replaced by Wilson Combat with a KAK BCG.. I was seriously considering buying a Lantac 308 Enhanced for a spare, so let us know how you like it.
  6. In the meantime, buy you a box of .308 ammo, and leave that Turkish 7.62 surplus for fun when you actually get your rifle running.. are you saying this top end runs well on your first build lower??? and that your first build upper runs fine on this lower??
  7. Your DPMS style AR 308 does not have a firing pin return spring, nor do most DPMS rifles, and yes they will likely all dimple primers when you release the bolt.. but, it should not result in a slam fire..Who's bolt carrier group are you using??? is it clean and lubed, does the firing pin slide freely in the firing pin channel, back and forth without resistance.. clean it, and lube it, and only load two rounds in your magazine.. try some different ammo... if it still slam fires, pull your fire control group out of your lower, again only load on in the magazine, drop the bolt... I will add that this is NOT a common problem here on 308 AR. So your rifle has all Aero Precision components?? or did you mix and match.. we do like pretty pictures,, maybe show us the firing pin protrusion from the bolt face?? it could be to long?? who knows at this stage, but get back to us, and these gents will help you work through all these questions and get you some answers. The only manufacturer who does use a firing pin spring is ArmaLite,,, I take that back, Smith and Wesson puts them on their MP10, (more for CYA, but they had an MP10 that did slam fire due to a broken firing pin return spring, jamming in the firing pin in the forward position) its also possible you have a very light trigger?
  8. Yep, mix and match probably won't,, no matter what anybody "tells" you,, unless you see it done here,, so build an Aero M5 and be very happy,, then pick up a matched Fulton set when you need a new challenge.. Wilson Combat flat out says that their upper and lower are NOT compatible with anyone else's... and no matter who's receiver set you build, you will likely have a few issues to get a working reliable rifle,,, I recently built a Wilson Combat small frame in .223 Wylde,, with a medium heavy barrel, (its to damn heavy), it is almost as heavy as my 308 Tactical Hunter, ran perfect right from the get go, until on round 16 it blew the ejector out of the ejection port along with the spent case.. so yeah, they can all have issues, and yes, I had enough parts this time to get it back into operation.
  9. All good, so we are going to get a range report?? you know what I mean about the 3 1/2" and 4' barrels then,, just an amazing feel, I like my 4" 29-2 as well,, it loves those 210 grain Winchester Silvertips if you can find them.. I stay away from anything under 158 grains in 357, with the exception of Winchester Silvertips,, I think they are 145gr as I recall in the 357.. Federal 125's and the like, do seem to cause a lot of flame cutting of the top strap and throat erosion,,, on the model 19 and 66 they've caused a few cracked forcing cones.. they are hot, and all that powder is wanting to go somewhere and do something amazing in a hurry.. the 158's are just easier on your gun.. I also avoid a lot of fast double action, as that cylinder is big and very heavy,, it could cause you timing issues down the road.
  10. How's it going new guy?? we do usually ask new gents to post a little about themselves and their objectives in the introduction thread... once you do that, we will be better able to help you. I'm assuming the pink small frame for the Missus?? (wink, wink, yeah I like pink too, all my arrows are typically built with a cobalt blue X7 Easton shaft, white nocks, and pink and white feathers, I love to watch my arrows fly, pink and white show up very well), but I digress.. so I'm assuming you are building a 5.56 rifle??? I would recommend building the small frame first, there is a mil spec for the small frame rifle, and most parts will fit most rifles... and then move on to your large frame rifles, no mil spec on the large frame, (as you've already found out, Aero has proprietary pivot and take down pins..) so are you planning to build a .308 and a 6.5 Creed?? I would build the .308 next, it should be easier to get running than the Creed?? as 98Z5V states, read, read, read, and watch a few you tube videos, perhaps someone will post a link to a good one?? have fun, it will be frustrating at first, but it will get easier.. if you start with the small frame rifle, the information is much easier to come by, and there are less proprietary parts, as 98 has also recommended, ask before you buy more parts..
  11. Depends on what you want to do, the 6.5 does respond well to a little more barrel velocity wise,,, but as you have likely determined those longer barrels get heavy, I don't have a 6.5 yet, but my 308 is very happy with the 18" barrel, and if you are going with a heavy profile, and want a handy rifle, 18" would be much lighter and handier IMHO?? for what its worth...
  12. Good advice, and after you do that you can build a nice lower and have two 308 AR rifles!!! Aero is the bomb, they make some beautiful stuff at very reasonable prices, if I didn't have an addiction to the Wilson Combat "Bill et" receiver I would be building Aero.. but addictions are hard to explain to your family!
  13. Yep, I found the 149 grain Winchester white box 7.62 by 51 through the whole pandemic,, a life saver for me, and it functions fine and shoots decent,, "Little Miss Wilson" likes the Federal 149 ball a little better, and she loves that Federal 150 gr hunting load the best of anything,, at least one 5/8" group at 140 yards... Almost all modern sporting rifle barrels shoot both .308/7.62 as your barrel company stated..
  14. Yes it is, the pre 27 357 Magnum, and before that the "Registered Magnum" are the most beautiful wheel guns every created, beautiful, and very accurate. We will be waiting on a range report, nice to see a recent model 27, a tribute to Smith and Wesson's serious place in the handgun business.
  15. So 4" barrel?? Is that a recent Model 27 with the little "hidey hole" safety?? I was tempted to purchase one at my local gunshop several years ago when they ran a 3 1/2" for old times sake, it was nice,,, I've got a 6" and 5" 357 Magnum in the gold box, and S series 3 1/2" Model 27 from about 1967 that I've shot, a little.. I've got a 38/44 with a 6" barrel that shoots lites out, some guys bored the cylinder to .357 on those, it actually was the for runner of the model 27. I've got a set of stags on the 3 1/2",, that thing is pure sugar, love it. 3 1/2" was the standard FBI pistol back in the day, when the FBI still fought crime, instead of Donald Trump!!! I really do have a thing for those early diamond magna grips, they work very well, and look the bomb,, those magna's loolk good on your gun... those aren't the Hogue's are they??
  16. I called Wilson Combat, and they rushed me nice "matched" Bill et upper and lower to replace old rattler, picked it up Friday from my FFL and he remarked wow, that first set was all rattling, he was impressed... So almost finished with my build... now the heavy 223 Wylde barrel takes an .875 gas block, which I am impatiently waiting for, and once it was all almost together and I was admiring it, I realized my 12.5" handguard is gonna be too short.. so I'm going to have to move some more money, and order a 13.6" handguard.. I did build it with a Magpul MOE + pistol grip! I bought UBR II, I like it,, but its heavy.. so we will see.. I wish it was on the 308AR, and it does come in OD GREEN. Anyway A+ on Wilson Combats response and always making it right!
  17. Nice work 98Z5V, outstanding work!! OP have you been able to pick this up yet sir??
  18. Nice stories, I have a gorgeous Model 12 Featherweight,, like all things, that doesn't guarantee its gonna function,, it will intermittantly lock up, and go back in 15 minutes and its fine until the next go around?? damn thing,, I had a great Model 12 mechanic, but went to his house and his wife gave me a filthy look and said "Darrel doesn't live here anymore!!!!"" oh shiet!
  19. Yep, this was a 308 Tactical Hunter profile factory rifle,, Kent said they have had issues with them,, when I installed the KAK bolt in the JP low mass carrier, it was definitely sloppy,,, so KAK BCG all the way and Gorgeous, I cannot stress how beautiful this Bolt Carrier is, finished beautifully, but hasn't wanted to eject right from the beginning,, so back to the factory with the JP low mass.. gun runs beauifully and I have cut the gas way back in an attempt to go easy on the brass?? that JP was very gas inefficient, why I ended up with a .0995 gas port... anyway, Sprinco Orange Spring and KAK 5.3 oz short heavy buffer... runs the bomb now... I called Wilson Combat this week, on what would have been day 21, and told Ange that billet small frame was there, (they couldn't find it),, it is crazy there right now, told her I had the tracking number and she pulled a billet set and sent it to paint, ASAP, with lots of apologies, so that should be at my FFL's in a week or so?? I ordered an 18" fluted, crowned barrel,,, but when it came in, it was a medium heavy, and it is HEAVY.. so I was looking for something lighter,, I may return that.. if I keep it, I will have to find an .875 gas block...?? they have a threaded 18" fluted 5.56 barrel at about 27 ozs.. so we will see.. also their new bullet proof 5.56 BCG had one of the two gas key fasterners all boogered up?? I mean it is ugly boogered.. so I don't know.. I could return them both and buy somebody elses barrel and bcg,, I really do want a crowned barrel?? sorry to be so long in responding,, I did go to Indianapolis over the weekend and look at a very nice 73 Type LT Z-28,, its all original panels, no rust and numbers matching,, so a hell of a lot of money,, but a nice bucket list car,, I'm in the midst of serious dithering here, LOL.
  20. So Wilson sent me a KAK full mass BCG's marked "Wilson Combat". I shot that first and it works good,, later I threw the new KAK bolt in the JP Enterprises low mass BCG marked "Wilson Combat", it was clear the JP bolt carrier had a very inefficient bolt/gas ring bore, back with the full mass KAK carrier, no its not nearly as nicely finished on the outside as the JP low mass BCG but.. Sprinco Orange and KAK 5.3 oz Buffer.. I cut the gas way back, hoping to minimize the damage to my once fired brass.. anyway, my rifle is back in business, I offered to buy the used bolt body from Wilson, but they reminded me those are 300 Bolt Carriers?? no you guys can keep it, I was surprised by the slop in the bolt raceway... so good for Wilson Combat on my rifle repair,, but but, I asked my FFL to check the fit on the "Matched Bill et upper and lower",, he said well, I don't know, but I'm a little concerned... took a couple of Wilson Combat pivot/take down pin sets, and it was looser than a goose.. I told my FFL to send it back, its been back at Wilson Combat since 12/13/21, and not a word out of them. yes I did call and Jason told me 10 to 14 business days on returns. Today was business day 18,,, yeah, I was disappointed, but as the days rack up??
  21. Yes it is, and I've been loving it, unfortunately I broke an extractor on little Miss Wilson,,, so it was right before a weekend I had lined up to give my trigger a test... it took a little while, but they replaced my whole BCG, and while this rifle doesn't eject them like I would like,, she chews on the brass, I was able to go my my Sprinco Orange and 5.3 oz KAK ejector.. So optically, I had the Strike Eagle off to repair my rifle and slipped my old Redfield Battlezone back on to test my new BCG.. I realized how stinkin heavy that Strike Eagle and Giselle 34 MM mount were.. so that extra 3 lbs on my rifle really made it a lot less handy around the farm. So Strike Eagle, really decent Chinese Glass, really heavy, but very robust, honestly though my Redfield is much brighter and crisper,, I love the Razor II, its amazing glass, but also very heavy.. so I really like the SR-25 Giselle mount,, so I'm looking for a nice 34 MM tactical scope that is not Chinese, and not quite so heavy?
  22. OK, ArmaLite actually has 46 AR-10A lowers on the website this morning, so yes they do indeed now sell lowers, my bad... So Diamondback is really gonna confuse people now, and they are not the only ones messing around with their specs
  23. Diamondback uppers produced prior to 1/1/2021 were produced with a 16 LPI DPMS pattern barrel nut, Diamondbacks produced after that date use an 18 LPI barrel nut... these later uppers might be compatible with the AR-10 lower? (more research is def warranted)... why did Diamondback do this? why to further screw up the AR-308/AR-10 rifle builders... in addition ArmaLite does NOT sell a separate AR-10 lower... they do note that Eagle Arms will sell you a lower?? confused yet??? billy
  24. I'm gonna try it with that full mass BCG,, but that damn chrome looking Bolt Carrier with that kool little tail is just sexy,, I'm sorry, I like the way that looks.. but,,, I will throw that ugly phosphate job in there,, and I will put the new bolt in that low mass carrier,, we gonna see what works and what don't??? I have an invitation to try it out and make it work,, or send "Little Miss Wilson" home to Momma for some love?? you can't beat that.. I'm just happy to have that full mass BCG coming, really... and I'm learning that extractors are wear parts... I didn't think them damn things were cast, I assumed it was forged,,, but I don't think it is,, I've been trying to figure out how to post pictures, I'm just spoiled from having the twins around to do that for me all these years, but now they are all married off, and have husbands and babies.... I am missing my big rifle, I have a "Vortex Strike Eagle", Geiselle 34 mm cantilever mount, and went bust putting a Geiselle SSA-E in that chick.. the Geiselle feels awesome, but I was putting my groups to the right before that extractor let go.... huuummmm?? I'm surprised how nice that Chinese scope is?? it aint bad for 600 bucks..
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