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Custom .308 build AP lower and DPMS (full parts kit)


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Hello everyone. I need major assistance. Long story short I've found myself working my own build's. Where do I start? Can I get a build kit instructions manual? I'm concerned with the specs for the upper's... Where is the best place to buy the tools necessary/required to complete my custom build's? 


I had a friend tell me he has a guy that builds custom AR's... I spoke with the guy, he says yeah I can build AR's. I say... Great! Where do I start?? Haha.... He replies, you'll need all the parts. Acquire those and we will start.... Yeah well this guy definitely is not capable of these types of builds to say the least...




I ended up with gun parts for 3 builds. A .556 for my wife (hot barbie pink accents) *secret* and (2) .308 lowers, uppers, and parts kits of course... the 3 receivers are Aero Precision and the parts kits are all DPMS.


THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!! for any and all feedback, support, and direction, on this fuglyazz fubar of a situation I've found myself in.


This guy

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Take your time and read through a handful of threads here before you get to ordering a bunch. You’ll find quickly that the armalite recoil system (tube, buffer, and spring) is solid and won’t let you down. It is recommended that you match upper receiver and lower receiver by brand. If you have aero lowers, get aero uppers. There isn’t a perfect blueprint for 308’s and you’ll have less issues if you keep those parts from the same manufacturer. Barrels are up in the air, but you’ll want to check the gas port size before assembly. Plenty about that on here too. Read any thread with a failure to feed or similar title and most times you’ll see the gas port was small and the recoil system was a mess of parts.  Unless you’ll be suppressed, you aren’t going to need an adjustable gas block. Keep it simple. When they run great and you want to play with fancy parts later…knock yourself out. 

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That’s the basics above. Stock, handguard, barrel length and profile, muzzle device, optics are all personal preference really. Don’t use any fancy low mass carrier or anything of that nature. As to what lower parts work best or what to watch on the AP lower - I’ll leave that for guys who have built Aero. I don’t have any input there.  If you have any other details about the parts you have or what you want these builds to be, I’d throw it out there.  You might get better responses if you share a little of what you think you want to end up with.

Also, I’d try to keep it to just one thread on this. 

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For M5 Aero Precision lowers, you are going to want their lower parts kit because it is slightly different to make it easier to assemble and disassemble. Such as the bolt catch being threaded for a screw (in the parts kit) instead of using a roll pin. 

Just have fun building it after you do your research and buy the correct parts. Heck it took me over like 2 years to build my first and I had no special tools. Build it as you get the parts that fit together and buy the special tools only if you have the money to make things easier.

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On 1/12/2022 at 11:43 AM, ThisGuy said:

Looking forward to these builds none the less! I'll be sure to update this thread as I move forward. Thanks again for the feedback! It's already helped a ton and finding so much info on here! Stoked! 

How's it going new guy?? we do usually ask new gents to post a little about themselves and their objectives in the introduction thread... once you do that, we will be better able to help you. I'm assuming the pink small frame for the Missus?? (wink, wink, yeah I like pink too, all my arrows are typically built with a cobalt blue X7 Easton shaft, white nocks, and pink and white feathers, I love to watch my arrows fly, pink and white show up very well), but I digress.. so I'm assuming you are building a 5.56 rifle???  I would recommend building the small frame first, there is a mil spec for the small frame rifle, and most parts will fit most rifles... and then move on to your large frame rifles, no mil spec on the large frame, (as you've already found out, Aero has proprietary pivot and take down pins..) so are you planning to build a .308 and a 6.5 Creed?? I would build the .308 next, it should be easier to get running than the Creed?? as 98Z5V states, read, read, read, and watch a few you tube videos, perhaps someone will post a link to a good one?? have fun, it will be frustrating at first, but it will get easier.. if you start with the small frame rifle, the information is much easier to come by, and there are less proprietary parts, as 98 has also recommended, ask before you buy more parts..

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