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    Eastern Nebraska
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    Hunting fishing shooting and gun tinkering.

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  1. Welcome from eastern Nebraska, You will definitely learn a thing or two here!!
  2. Got a notice today from Rock Slide USA shipping label has been created for my 22 slide and LPK. A model 19 Polymer 80 frame. other small items to completer 22 build.
  3. AzRon: Thanks for the heads up on the wing tactical BHO, works like a champ!
  4. That is good to know, can't wait to get it together and head to the range.
  5. Welcome from eastern Nebraska
  6. AzRon: What type of BHO latch did you use that works with the Magpul mags? What load/ammo were you using?
  7. shrade

    New here

    Welcome from eastern Nebraska. This is the best bunch of enablers their is!! .
  8. shrade


    Like BF said; everything , from my '18 GMC to my Recon, 6.5 Grendel, 223 Wylde, Glocks, S&W's you name it.
  9. You might contact Clint at Heavybuffers.com He has a CAR-10 buffer and spring for the 7" extension. Sure made my DPMS Gen 2 Recon run nice.
  10. Just ordered a slide for my glock model 22 build from Rock Slide USA. Barrel is on the way from Lone wolf. The Polymer 80 frame is complete and ready to go.
  11. 'How about those folks who have stayed working, gov. employees, teachers etc. Why are they getting checks?
  12. 1000 bullets for my 9 and 38 super, new recoil spring for the 38 super 1911, a rebound spring for my 1934 vintage 38-44 outdoorsman.
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