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Everything posted by shrade

  1. Swaged 500 rounds of .223 brass, FC and LC.
  2. 👍like the 1000.00 reward option!
  3. A set of small base dies for .308, .223 and a Lee factory crimp die for .223
  4. shrade

    Hunting pics

    Nice sausage buck
  5. renaissanceman: Just re-read your original post and noticed you are running P-Mags. My Recon would manually hold open on an empty P-mag, the follower would raise the bolt stop only a fraction of an inch. But would not hold open after firing last round. My theory was the bolt, with too light of a buffer and spring was moving at such a high rate of speed it would ride over the slightly raised stop. I Knew nothing about heavier buffers and springs at the time, so I solved the problem by running Lancer mags which have a raised "lug" on the follower which raised the stop to full height and stopped the bolt. We have to remember there is no Mil-Spec for the 308 platform, so different manufacturers have different tolerances for their sometimes proprietary parts. I had gotten rid of all my P-Mags prior to upgrading to a heavier buffer set-up, so I cant tell you if that would have fixed the p-mag issue. Hopefully a different buffer and spring combo will fix your problem, If not you may have to go a different magazine rout.
  6. Here is where I would go: heaveybuffers.com look at the Car-10 buffer and spring combo. Did wonders for my DPMS Recon 2. It had a 7" buffer tube with a 2.5" buffer.
  7. shrade


    your making me hungry! Rib eye my favorite cut.
  8. shrade

    Luke AFB F-35’s

    I agree, it is a great piece of machinery.
  9. think you will be satisfied with a Magpul bipod, sure like mine.
  10. Welcome from eastern Nebraska
  11. Thank you to all the men and women who have been willing to put their life on the line for the rest of us.
  12. I went to Heavybuffers.com and bought Clint's Car-10 buffer and spring combo, weight is 5.5 oz. and the spring is matched to the buffer, works like a champ. He has them in stock if not he manufactures them he will get one built in short order. Get in touch with an email and let him know what you have got , he will have a solution. My trigger issue was with a POF aftermarket trigger not the stock trigger. did find a small dab of grease on the disconnector "hook", cleaned that off, but haven't been to the range since to give it a try. good luck.
  13. I have two of these barrels, one in 223 the other in 6,5 Grendel, my limited experience agrees with 98's assessment. I have no regrets on either purchase.
  14. Following up on the 48 hour rule on the Odin Works adjustable buffer. Gave up on 98's recommendation of tuning my Grendel with a VLTOR A5 system, couldn't find one anywhere. Purchased the Odin buffer from Joe Bob's and a Wilson X power spring from Clint at Heavy Buffers, the goal being to duplicate the A5 system as close as possible. after some experimenting set the buffer to the max of 5.8 oz. Worked like a champ, brass in a neat pile at 4:00. Bolt locks on an empty mag, cycles Am. Gunner and Wolf. Has tamed the recoil, I can almost see the impacts thru the scope at 100 yds. Will give any one who purchases one a bit of advise, Set the large allen screw to a depth just a few thou below the face of the buffer, mark the face of the screw where the lock screw will make contact with the threads on the large screw. Remove the large screw and file a small flat on the threads where the lock screw will make contact. If not the large threads could be "dinged" when locking down the small lock screw. these "dings" could then damage the internal threads of the buffer when removed. Ask me how I know. After chasing the internal threads of the buffer I took the additional step of placing a small piece of 14 gage copper wire under the small lock screw and tightened it down, on the filed flat, the copper preventing any further damage. I like the ability of this buffer to tune a particular rifle with out having to have several buffers on hand. . I am pleased with the buffer and hope this fulfills my "obligations" under the 48 hour rule.
  15. shrade


    welcome from fly over country; eastern Nebraska
  16. Correction, that was a Wolf XP spring, not Wilson. Had a Joe Biden moment.
  17. A Wilson heavy buffer spring for my 223 from Heavybuffers.com
  18. How many times did you look at that picture before you realized there was a dog !
  19. Welcome from Nebraska.
  20. just noticed Wallyworld put it all back out???
  21. Welcome from eastern Nebraska
  22. shrade


    Great place to learn, welcome from Nebraska
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