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  1. LoL My 2" picatinny for the bipod is sitting at the local UPS depot waiting for me to come pick it up. Apparently JP managed to somehow botch my shipping information for the backordered part. Doesn't matter though, my reciever claw is on it's way, and until I get it my VTAC tube won't be going on anyways. I'm kinda undecided about whether or not to install the VTAC before I start doing my comparisons with the match ammo. Any thoughts?
  2. ... such is the price of happiness. No, I didn't mean that figuratively. ;D
  3. Try at least one before you ever spend the money on anything more expensive... I bought this one and it has performed flawlessly, and has exactly 203 rounds of LR308 vindication behind it. It's 100% clutz friendly too, I haven't babied this scope and it hasn't budged from zero, except of course when I'm fine-tuning with the 1/8" turrets! <thumbsup>
  4. Roger that! <thumbsup> To each his own, I guess I'm a little partial to my Mueller... I hope I wasn't coming off as a jerk, I just didn't have a good experience with that particular manufacturer. I'm all about saving money so long as the product meets or exceeds the requirements. Good find bro!
  5. That IS inexpensive! Unfortunately, I have already owned one BSA scope and it wasn't worth the effort it took to throw it away.
  6. I certainly agree with your principle, but what about when you get home from work? ???
  7. That is exactly what DPMS recommends for the .308, straight from their shop personnel. When installing aftermarket float tubes, the manufacturers sometimes recommend using a stainless brush to remove the teflon from the receiver threads before replacing the float tube nut. That may help you gain a slightly better foothold in final holding ability. Also remember that the stock FFT was loctited when it shipped out.
  8. I've noticed that there are frequently enough of us on at one time that we could maintain a nice conversation in real-time if we had a shoutbox or chat channel. I'd be happy to help out in whatever way I can if you guys decide you want one. <dontknow>
  9. *sigh* That makes me wanna puke.... <laughs> <lmao> J/K of course, awesome shooting brother, makes me really eager to run some match ammo through my pipe!!
  10. Welcome to the house of bad company!!! ;D Make yourself right at home here in the institution, and keep us posted on anything and everything AR.
  11. I bet with just one more person mentioning a .338, 98Z5V will not be able to withstand his own lust, and will be posting build pics within another week.
  12. I went with the 168's for both loads, for the sake of comparison consistency. I will be going back and doing comparisons on the heavier weights later. I'm trying to start at the weight that has consistently gotten the best overall reviews in my particular gun, and that just happens to be the 168. I will definitely be trying some 175's at some point though, particularly when I start stepping up to much longer yardages.
  13. You can bet that I will!!! I got permission from the range officers to shoot from prone, so I'm gonna get to do those handloads justice. I just ordered a box of Federal GMM and a box of Hornady A-MAX Match from cheaperthandirt, and depending on which one groups better, I'll order a box of the better + a box of Black Hills Gold Match.
  14. Well, I had an awesome day at the range today. I'll stick with the highlights for now, since my shooting wasn't stellar. The target pics will appear later. The first good thing I'll mention is that I'm done with break-in and I can go about shooting better ammo now with absolute confidence. I shot up the last of my super-saver (but DPMS warranty-friendly) bulk ammo today and I couldn't be happier that it's gone. I didn't have sandbag rests to work with today so my groups aren't anything to write home about but I'm noticing more and more improvement with every range session. While I was at the range, a rather nice fella introduced himself to me and complimented my rifle, and we struck up a conversation right away. Turns out he is one of those ridiculously meticulous OCD hand-loaders that crank out really nice match loads, and very knowledgeable about shooting in general. I told him I was nearing the end of my break-in and he mentioned that my cheap ammo was probably a large part of the reason my groups weren't closing up very well, and handed me 5 of his own handloaded match rounds to try out. I felt kinda bad about taking free ammo from him but I was also curious how it would do so I went and shot a VERY careful 3-round group. I burnt a single only-slightly-smudged hole with those 3 rounds and was grinning from ear to ear when I took the other 2 unspent rounds back to him. Since he had kindly given me his own handloads, I asked him if he wanted the 180 rounds of brass I had on hand from my break-in, and of course he lit up like a christmas tree and said yes. Later, as I was making my way through my last box of shells, he put a box of shells on my bench, smiled and said "There's ya a whole box of that stuff you shot earlier, and next time I see ya I'll have another one. I come out here about every Saturday, so be looking for me."... Couldn't help but laugh at getting hand loaded tack-drivers out of some spent brass I couldn't do anything with for a while anyways.... I even got in all my range time before the weather went bad! All that's left to say is that there's too many days between now and next Saturday, but that'll give me some time to order another couple boxes of match ammo. Any recommendations fellas?
  15. I'll be on the range again tommorrow, providing the weather complies with me. I will do exactly as you said and will have some pictures of the results. Saturday is my new favorite day of the week!!!
  16. I feel sure that enough of us went and looked at the page that we could hold some sway in this... I went there and saw the price, I'm sure I'm not alone. I'd be happy to put my name to anything that will help you rectify the situation. These guys are heavy sellers on Gunbroker and it would not do well for them to establish a reputation as being fraudulent. Whatever I can do, I will back you 100%.
  17. Good for you!! Put their feet in the fire, and make them honor their deal. They can check their prices BEFORE they go posting them online, not afterwards. The quickest way to disappoint and make sure a customer won't return is to pull a shady deal like this one, and someone needs to be telling them so. Personally, you can rest assured that while I have browsed from their store, I won't be buying from them at any point if they don't do right by you, and I would most certainly warn anyone against buying there in that event, if at all possible.
  18. Welcome to the institution Randy!! <thumbsup>
  19. I just blame all my gun buying on 'the voices'... It pretty well keeps me from having to converse with anyone except gun lovers about how I justify the cost of all this stuff...
  20. Ahhh yes, I have already found that glorious toy, much to the disgust of my wife.... She gives me that look that makes me feel as if I might well be neutered in my sleep, whenever I get on there.... So yeah, use carefully gentlemen!
  21. What got me really tickled was the way everything was layed out in place, leaving a beautiful place for your imagination to fill in the gap with a very expensive and complex set-up.
  22. This makes me sick... (not really, congratulations!) You building more guns while I have to be content to try to get mine broke in before I spend any more cash. I can already tell that my competitive side is going to drive me bankrupt hanging around this place.... <lmao> <laughs> <dontknow> Well, anyways, keep us posted, you're off to an excellent start!
  23. Well, I now have two items on order from DPMS, no idea when they will ship... I ordered this buttstock extension and a "Receiver Claw", have no idea when they will ship. DPMS must be absolutely slammed with orders right now. Edit: Oh and I just got word that JP is shipping my 2" picatinny for the bottom of my VTAC handguard, I can finally install everything and make use of my sweet LaRue QD bipod adapter. Pics will soon follow!
  24. I'm careful about how much oil I apply, because the more you shoot, the more fouling the oil will collect, and pretty soon it will be a very nasty mess inside your receiver. I'm not so particular about what oil I use, so long as it's good stuff.
  25. I lock back the bolt in the open position, spray the inside of the receiver, close the bolt and spray the bolt lightly through the ejection port. With the bolt still closed, pull the REAR receiver pin and swivel the upper away slightly from the lower, and spray the back of the bolt from underneath, and finally spray the bottom of the bolt through the magazine well. I'm not going very heavy with the lube, just enough to run slightly wet. Basically you just wanna make sure that the inside of the receiver and the corresponding surfaces of the bolt are lightly lubed.
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