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  1. I have been fortunate enough to get on with the local State Employee's Credit Union, and it's a godsend, I was very fortunate to get on with them before my Dad retired as a US Postal employee. They were instrumental in helping me establish good credit with loan interest rates that are far better than any bank, they're also more understanding about delayed payments than any bank every dreamed of being. I have only ever had one problem with fraud and they overnighted my new card to me and accredited ALL my contested transactions back to my account the same day. Long story short, if you can get on somehow with a local credit union, go for it.
  2. Welcome to the forums! Everyone here is nice and noone plays the know-it-all role, and that's why we all love it here. Sit back and relax, and enjoy becoming a mindless AR-product consumer with the rest of us.
  3. This is a difficult question because there are plenty of variables, but here's the take from a negative-IQ perspective: I think of the adjustment as an absolute restriction, basically a check valve that is only going to permit X amount of energy transfer. Whether I have determined this setting using a high-pressure round, or a low-pressure round, given either round only X energy will pass through, with any excess being passed elsewhere along the path of least resistance. If you find this theory to be figurative swiss cheese, feel free to point out any/all flaws. <thumbsup> Evidence trumps theory, so lay the experience on me.
  4. All I can say is "WOW!"... You've made wind calls make more sense in this one post than I've been able to make out of browsing all the 'pro' sites put together. I acknowledge that you aren't setting it in stone, but man it's great to even be roughly in the ballpark here. Thanks!
  5. I suppose I don't think as much about whether or not rounds are chambered as I do about ACCESS. In other words, be able to control access to my loaded weapon. I don't want to have to both unlock my weapon and load it before I can bring it to bear, one of the reasons my carry is a 1911, using it is a matter of holding it and thumb sweeping a lever. Keeping the number of actions required to prepare the arm for use to a minimum is really my goal when it comes a defense-use weapon. I think this way because I don't give myself the benefit of the doubt that I'm faster than a bad guy when he interrupts my sleep @ 2am, and I'd hate for my last words to be "Oh crap!". Just my 2 cents worth fellas... :)
  6. No problem brother, I couldn't have asked for a better explanation, and couldn't have gotten a better answer. Getting a zero is no problem, DOPE will be a matter of getting onto a range with better than 100 yds maximum shooting distance, which will not be a problem now that Dave has given me some 411. I'm trying to settle on a good match round until I can get a reloading setup together, and your round sounds as close to ideal as I've seen yet. Just trying to wrap my head around logistics & possibilities. Thanks for filling me in! <thumbsup>
  7. John, I try to shoot as frequently as possible. Is your pricing fixed to 500 rounds + shipping? How much I can buy might vary from time to time, not to mention it could be cheaper to just come pick it up rather than ship it. In any event it's a great deal, and I'm researching what performs best in my rifle, so this sounds like a must-try.
  8. 1st on the list, congratulations and looking forward to it. 2nd, I'll be your guinea pig, you wanna teach somebody their way around the tactical semi-auto... I'll do it free of charge!!! :D
  9. Welcome to the site, Branson has been forwarding your event info to me, sounds good and I hope to get out your way soon.
  10. Well.... Looks like my marriage and bank account are about to take a simultaneous hit... <dontknow>
  11. Hey man, welcome to the boards! Always nice to have another enabler on our side... I'm from very near Hickory, don't know how far out you are from there but if you know of any place I can step out past the 100yd mark, I'm all ears brother. Post up some pics, I enjoy eyeballing a man's hardware* if ya know what I mean. <laughs> <lmao> *Unless otherwise clarified, hardware and firearms/knives/other tacticool stuff are used interchangeably.
  12. Hey Doc, word of advice, when doing anything gun-related "for your wife"... go BIG. I personally recommend several flavors of AR, deck a few out with your personal preferences too, cause' theres no telling what you and your sweetie have in common when it comes to gun tastes. She might be especially delighted if you buy matching handguns and/or tactical knives.... Finally, should it turn out (God forbid) that she's not that into gun stuff... well, you can take all that off her hands for her with not one cross word in exchange. <thumbsup> <munch> *Watch closely fellas, divorces make for GREAT gun sales....* <laughs> <lmao>
  13. Plans for turkey day include; Eating, followed by lots of eating, followed by appalling acts of shameless gluttony, followed by having my stomach pumped and then some more eating to finish it all off.
  14. I congratulate you both on you new device and your self control. I have a terrible habit of actually screaming like a little girl.... <dontknow> :-[
  15. Their hypocrisy is amazing. I love the fact that you can buy every gun accessory known to man there, everything short of a gun itself, but they treat you this way. Funny thing is that the CEO of Ebay is running for governor of California, as if the state weren't already hostile enough to gun owners.
  16. Somebody wake up imschur for long enough to tell him sleep is underrated <thumbsup> <laughs> <lmao> <dontknow> <munch>
  17. I saw a Browning Hi-power today at a gun show and fell in love all over again. I gotta get one of those soon.
  18. He's a terminal case, and contagious to boot!!!
  19. It's the same ol' same ol', just a different day for the same tactics; Appeal to the anti-gun nuts, or sway the neutral by presenting a nice sob story with mis-represented information. After all, what the American people see on the news JUST CAN'T BE WRONG...... There's a lot that could be said here, but I'll stick with just saying it makes me sick to see what power and greed have done to the principles on which this country was founded...
  20. Wow, I don't know that family but I'd gladly honor that man with a donation!!!
  21. Welcome to the fray, Ranger!!!
  22. The "recoilless" label was more or less so that the inventors had something to laugh about while they recovered from initial testing results... <dontknow> <laughs> <lmao>
  23. I'd say with the interest expressed we'd have enough interested to purchase at least 25 items if not more. I think that would definitely qualify for a quantity discount.
  24. No problem. Anything to get you into some more hardware. <thumbsup>
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