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  1. Well, once you've sold your soul that's pretty much it. I TOLD him he should RENT it out... <laughs> <lmao> If he were a good enough fiddle player he might could take on the devil to regain it <dontknow>
  2. Well, I will contest neither of you gentlemen's experience or validity, but I must say that from the standpoint of the layman (me) that doesn't have the benefit of your experience, it's nice to know where I can get equipment that meets YOUR standards on MY budget. Thanks to both of you for your service, and for the equipment reviews. <thumbsup>
  3. I don't do much shooting with the 24" without a rest or bipod, but I can do it so long as it doesn't require more than 1 or 2 shots. I'm either slung or kneeling in that instance though.
  4. Sounds like the problem could potentially be the mags themselves. Are they new? A worn magazine catch is the only reason I can think of why your mag problems go away whenever you shoot with the mag pushed in. Check your mags and your magazine catch for wear that could be problematic. I've also heard of people having problems when their mag catch was one turn too loose.
  5. Glad to see some fellow Carolinians joining the fray. If you're ever in the vicinity of Hickory and wanna send a few downrange, just give me a shout. Welcome to the forums!
  6. <laughs> <lmao> Beware of 98, he's been known to spawn AR's spontaneously and without warning.... and he's contagious.
  7. That's a good-lookin' piece of hardware there... Lemme know how she shoots!!
  8. LOL Red loctite was on it when I took mine apart... I didn't have any trouble getting it apart. If it seems stubborn, heat it up good with a heat gun at the receiver side of the FFT.
  9. It's not difficult at all KS, simply affix the upper receiver securely and remove the handguard (aka. the free-float tube or FFT) with a strap wrench, so as not to mar it. Remember to use red loctite when you put it back together. The FFT has standard threads, so it's lefty-loosey/righty tighty.
  10. I hope you meant "whichever comes first" too, cause as long as I'm here, the fish tales will never run out. As a wise man once said, "Beware of Matt, he has a megaphone and carries a soap-box." <laughs>
  11. I've got an upper assembly minus bolt carrier group, PM me an offer. It's a fully assembled upper with dust cover and forward assist, it even includes the cocking handle.
  12. Welcome home ma boy!!! <laughs> <lmao> We like your kind around here! <thumbsup>
  13. #1. Welcome!! #2. Ditto that sentiment. You'd be amazed at my ability to shoot under hurricane wind conditions during an earthquake in the middle of a wildfire and still blame my point of impact on my scope.
  14. Kinda makes a person want to nominate her for the presidency and apply for the secret service at the same time... <laughs> <lmao>
  15. With the way I shoot, they feel safer downrange... :'( ;)
  16. Give our boys whatever works best, whatever the cost. From what I hear via friends in various branches and civilian owners, the SCAR isn't all it's been cracked up to be anyways, FWIW.
  17. Good write-up!!! I'm getting some range time tomorrow myself, I got some FGMM and friends to send downrange.
  18. It's all about labeling friend, read the details on how to ship ammo here: http://www.adazonusa.com/howtoshipammunitionorammo-a-45.html
  19. I hope it stays on the shelf for a bit, I'd like to try some on my next paycheck!
  20. Ok, check this out and buy while it lasts!!! Here's my results for a 500 rounds!! Get it here! The URL: http://www.mahsupplies.net/viewitem.php?ref=hotpig27&pd=303603
  21. That's the hardest I've ever laughed about anything regarding barrel length... <laughs>
  22. The short answer is yes. It's a good trade. I could go into more detail but the long & short of it is that the 24" bull is the ticket to going long range. Good luck!!
  23. Welcome aboard KS! We keep a large bowl of complimentary AR koolaid in the lobby, all who come by are encouraged to have a drink. Help yourself, and enjoy your time here. :D
  24. Well, I just bought 160 rounds a day or two ago, but I decided I'd try it anyways. This was what I got:
  25. ... and there's a very informative how-to for that very FFT right here on this site!!! ;)
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