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  1. Yesterday I ordered 8 boxes of .308 for some comparisons. I ordered: 4 boxes of Federal GMM in 168gr 2 boxes of Bitterroot Valley w/ SMK in 168gr 2 boxes of Bitterroot Valley w/ A-MAX in 168gr Total cost + shipping for 160 rounds of Match Grade .308: $178.77 Average cost per round (before shipping): $0.71 I am going to have an absolute blast at the range on the weekend!!!
  2. I checked out that last link and they are out of stock... :'(
  3. Every time I ask this question people mention someplace called "Utopia" or some such followed by something about "dreaming" and "attention span" or some such, usually I've gotten bored by that point, so I dunno what they're talking about... Anyways, as much as I've looked for it, I haven't found any such place or any good deals on bulk, but I may be making a large purchase @ discount from Midway soon with a coupon code that expires at the end of the month.
  4. It was a play on the ego thing I'm pretty sure.... New guys should be aware that joining this place is conducive to increasing the number of ARs that one owns.
  5. Wow, great find 98!!! Gonna order some match ammo on this find!!!
  6. DNP is out right now but I'll fill in for him! 98, I triple dog dare you to get the upper. Spend the difference in ammo. The bottom line is, you HAVE TO GET A .338 Lapua, end of discussion. <laughs> <lmao>
  7. *Pulls out calculator...* As it turns out, nothing doubled is still nothing, but at least you're moving up in the world.... LOL
  8. I like the DD FFT the more I see of it... May have to put one on my new project!!
  9. Dang skippy! Can't come in here and taunt us with eye candy we can't have... :o >:( Naw seriously, that's a fine piece of hardware to have, you should recommend this tool to be manufactured regularly. <thumbsup>
  10. I'm going off of memory here but I don't think it's cause for concern. The .308 and regular ARs will typically run the same triggers, however, lighter triggers for the AR-15s can cause the heavier .308s to double or fire repeatedly under improper trigger control and are therefore not recommended. To the best of my knowledge the Jard trigger for the .308 and the AR-15 are one and the same. Correct me if I'm wrong here fellas...
  11. #1. Rather than do things the hard way like I did, complete your break-in with a single box of this ammo. #2. The 4.5 lb trigger that the rifle ships with isn't going to do you any favors at significant range. I have both Jard and JP triggers on my LR-308's and both are excellent. The JP is crisp and breaks like glass, the Jard is smooth as silk and light as a feather. Both are significantly lighter and better than the stock trigger. #3. My LR's love match ammo, have shot Hornady A-MAX, Federal Gold Medal Match, and handloads all @ 168gr with sub-moa results. You want accurate buy match or handloads. #4. Post pics of everything, we can't get enough gun pics. Welcome to the club!
  12. Title says it all!!! Wanna try one of these out and see how it does. Anybody got one on the cheap?
  13. Jgun, I just bought a new lower with the Jard in it, and at this price the trigger can't be beat. No matter where you end up getting one, you will not regret it. It is an excellent trigger!
  14. I'd be in, gonna need one, possibly more for next build and spares.
  15. I'm gonna take advantage of my time off to get in some badly needed range time.
  16. Welcome to the point of no return, LOL. Glad to have you!
  17. I see your point, it's REALLY friggin close, LOL. I'd recommend backing off the nut and taking it back and forth, you make can get it to give you enough slack to take it all the way to alignment. In any case, let us know how it works out.
  18. Right on man... I think history could teach our military a few lessons about the impact those two rounds have had on our winning streak with regard to wars fought. I'd like to see how the 7.62/308 stacks up against the 5.56/223 in rounds expended to enemies killed. I think it would be interesting to see how the 7.62 round fared against the 5.56 in say, Vietnam, where the 5.56 has a nice 50,000 rounds per enemy killed, according to U.S. Defense statistics. Same for the .45, I'd encourage anyone to talk to some LEO's or Paramedics about the differences in lethality between the .45 and a 9mm for instance. In this case I'm thinking of a 1911-style weapon that the military used to issue vs. the more modern M9's, Glocks, and S&W's that are issued to personnel. Basically the whole point of this rant is that I'd love to see our boys in uniform carrying stuff that's a little more likely to land OPFOR in a dirt-nap than what they're currently carrying, although, I gotta say they're doing an inimitable job with what they've got.
  19. Very nice, I like the diversity of parts and your one-of-a-kind barrel. Nicely done!
  20. Welcome to our den of ill repute... <laughs> <lmao> Seriously though, great group of guys here, very knowledgeable. Hang around and post up pics whenever you get a chance. Nothing we like better than someone else to help feed our addiction, <thumbsup>.
  21. I kinda had to smile at your gunsmithing buddies telling you that. I'd be very curious to know what qualifies their statements with regard to the AR (in .308) being an inferior platform to the FAL and M-14. Given that our military could easily keep the M-14 as an issue weapon, and FALs are not in short supply, it's strange that they would go ahead and give KAC the contract for the M110 anyways, being that it is an inferior platform and all. <dontknow> For the record, I don't have anything against those platforms, nor do I regard them as being better or worse. I simply know the reputation that all three weapons hold with men much more experienced and knowledgeable than myself and it doesn't follow what your friends are telling you. If I were making my bread and butter as a gunsmith however, I might have a little different perspective on the issue. Either way, you will soon be in a position to decide for yourself which is the better, but please do it without letting their opinions skew your objectivity.
  22. My factory DPMS barrel is very satisfactory and excellent with regard to performance. I'm going to buy an aftermarket barrel for my next .308 build, simply because I'd like to try some of the offerings out there for the sake of comparison, and knowing what I'll want when it's time to replace my DPMS barrel on my current rifle. So far I have no idea of where to begin, because I'm not hearing anything bad about anybody's aftermarket barrel.... Hopefully this thread can shed a little light on the subject.
  23. Makes perfect sense brother, I feel ya. <thumbsup>
  24. You should go whatever direction makes you feel best about it. I was simply making a recommendation based off of what I feel would be less difficult, I didn't understand that you wanted it to be like a monolithic rail. TBH, the only difference between joined rails and a monolithic rail that I can discern, is that the monolithic rail rests atop the receiver and forearm rails (or extends from the forearm to atop the receiver) and doesn't have any breaks in it. Besides cosmetics, I don't think a small gap would create any problems for you with regard to mounts that bridge the gap, unless you the tensioning device for the mount were directly over the gap.
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