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Another one from Michigan


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Not new to the AR platform. Just picked up(two weeks ago) a custom TTA 10 (custom from a local shop)and tonight traded my M1A for an Armalite AR10 plus a beeter AR15. Both are soaking froglube.

Prior had both dry.... some minor rust spots on flash hider. Two threaded holes on the side of the gas block are not pretty.

Looking forward to getting these rifles up and running. Been lurking here a bit and figured I would join in.

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I will post pics once I get the Armalite back together. Had to drop off the custom back to the shop. They left the barrel loose. Sure makes me confident about that build. Thankfully I can handle anything else myself. I want to research the Armalite. The model isnt marked on it. But pics will help.lol

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Well. It's definitely a AR-10B. I'm thinking that it's one that someone put together. I don't remember a factory rifle with the magpul handguards. Now, don't take it as gospel. I could always be wrong. Either way, she looks good.


The marks on the gas block? That's got me scratching my (empty) head. Looks like someone was tapping the stinger of an arc welder against it. <laughs> Can you feel those marks? Or are they just some kind of blemish? I can't really tell in the pic.


Hell with it. Go run that damn thing and see how see shoots.

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Handguard was an upgrade by the prior owner. I have the OEM round set in the box. The pistol grip and trigger guard is magpul as well. GG&G flip up night sites. Removable carry handle with front sight.


I was just concerned about the two holes with threads. Thinking maybe it was supposed to have set screws in it.


Got my custom one back tonight. Have to clean that again. Oh, wait. I will take it out this weekend. So I can put some rounds out from the Armalite. I'm just guessing. But seeings I found zero lube in the AR 10 or the AR15. That they didn't function well. Reason for the trade for my M1A.


The beeter AR15 has a New Frontier lower. Plastic... I will shoot it and see what happens. Worse case. The Smith and Wesson M&P upper will slap on one of the two other lowers I have.


I am at the point of. I'm done. I can't think of another firearm I want. Between AR's and AK's. I am set for anything. Plenty of food for them.

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