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Yo cigar aficionados


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Hello guys, had a buddy from work give me a cigar to try out. I really liked it it was smooth and had flavor to it. I don't usually smoke cigars so in combination with a ipa beer it gave me a buzz lol.

Now to the point what do you guys reccomend for a beginner.

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You want to look for "Dominican grown Cuban seed".

Cuba has been damn near completely over harvested. Their soil isn't what it once was. The Dominicans weren't effected by the embargo, and some forward thinking entrepreneurs took advantage. They bought the Cuban tobacco seed and planted in their own soil.

I have a Dominican hand rolling shop in my beat. I used to frequent their shop on my lunch breaks.

A good cigar shop always has a tasting event..... don't forget your burboun/scotch.

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At the "I don't care what i'm paying for this" end, is the Camacho Triple Maduro


at the "crap I don't have $2 to spend" is the Trader Jack's


The triple maduro is a "regular" cigar, the trader jack's is a spiced one, but the best bang for the buck.

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My dad smoked a lot of macanudos

I my self prefer a dip of grizz from time to time and I'm alllll good

Yep. Sitting here with my dip of Grizzly now. I have a friend who was a team mate in the NAVY who set up a diving business in Spain and he is a good source of Coobans. But for me, Grizzly Longcut Natural is as good as Cope and cheaper. Been dipping since '69, when all hairy chested frogmen were expected to do so.

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