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155 and 168 A Max for hunting East Washington Deer?


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I decided to hunt with the 155's because of how accurate they are for my rifle.

To date they have put 6 Antelope in the freezer and I'll be using them again this year. I admit that 3 of those were head shots, but the other 3 were in the lungs/ heart. They didn't make 10 yards.

I wouldn't hesitate to use them on deer.

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I know this is an old thread, but shot placement is more important than bullet type. So long as your choice of bullet is not prohibited in the are you plan to hunt, use what ever shoots the best in your rifle. Match bullets kill deer, pigs, black bear or what  ever just as quickly as hunting bullets.

To put this into perspective. The 155 amax can EASILY reach 2800 FPS from a 20 inch semi auto an still maintain the required accuracy to put a well placed round into the vital organs. This will put you at 1600 Foot pounds of energy at 300 yards. There isn't an animal you can legally get a tag for in North America that can survive a 1600 foot pound shock to the vital organs from a well placed round. Some will drop on a dime. Some may require you to track the blood trail. BUT THEY ARE ALL GRAVE YARD DEAD if you hold up your end of the deal.

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shot placement is and always will be the single most determining factor  I never shoot any animal in the neck, or head, also no frontal shots I shoot them all right in the boiler room half way down and two inches behind the front shoulder right at the crease...... game over..

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